gunzeye's technique for left page writing

I'm using a 6 ring binder and I found it too hard to write anything on the left side of the rings. I could write upto half the page, anything after that was not easy because of the rings getting in the way. To solve this problem, I printed the left page as landscape mode so now I can rotate my binder 90 degrees and use it top bounded.

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a simple solution to a problem so many of us have! thank you for sharing this!

nay nay

works for right page writing, too.

I saw the topic title and thought, "Easy, just learn to write left-handed."

Of course one can rotate either page in landscape and use more real estate on either side of the rings.

90 vs 180

If you use landscape on both the sides you have to turn 180 degrees between pages instead of just 90 degrees if only one of them is landscape. :) may not be a big deal while writing but when you quickly want to browse through your notes it would make a difference.


I don't think you'd have to rotate the whole book if you printed your pages right, which you seem to have a handle on, the backs would have to be reversed from the tops. So it would end up like:




This leaves you with the

This leaves you with the discomfort of writing over the rings in the middle of the notebook. Slightly easier than portrait mode, but still a bit of a pain.