Doing it myself Planner - wish me luck!

I was sick to death of desperately searching for the 'perfect' folder, when I finally found the right description to type into Google (A5 ring conference folder) and I found THE folder; I then discovered I could only buy it if I put a corporate logo on it and bought 100 :(

So I'm taking the plunge, I've bought a 95p A5 cardboard folder from Staples and I'm going to cover it in a funky fabric, adding the extra pockets back and front (I like having a spiral notebook at the back too).

As soon as I've created this masterpiece I'll add some piccies, but only if it doesn't look like a pre-schooler sewed it!


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Luck to you, Loops, and a suggestion

See if the place you found your "perfect" folder will sell you a sample.
It sounds like one of them places that specialize in stuff with logos on them. I have found that some will sell you a single sample or even give it to you in the hopes of getting a big order from you.
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and maybe....

...a DIYPlanner-logo-ed order for us? Maybe as a fund-raiser? I'd buy one! :-D


Good luck!

Sounds awesome: The world of DIY opens up a world of stationary without compromises. It also can turn into an awesome hobby!

finding cheap alternatives

finding cheap alternatives and hacks are one of my favorite things to do these days. I work things out in my head and often decide it isn't for me but I love the challenge.

I hope you will share the results of your diy adventure :)

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