Removable prepunched ring binding paper?

So I have been experimenting with a wire bound Planner Pad lately. It seems to be great at what I feel like I've needed - basically it's a categorized, scheduled master task list.

There's just one problem with it - there are very few note pages and very little general note space on each week's pages. There is a 7 ring version, but the binder is far too bulky for my taste and the rings configuration seems to be non-standard.

As far as the wire bound version goes, however, I have figured out that cutting across the very bottom of each hole in the punched paper allows the pages to be removed and moved around quite easily. This is really time consuming however.

I'm sure someone else has thought of this before (yes I have a circa notebook). Has anyone ever seen a source of paper that's precut like this? I could just get a bunch of prepunched wire binding paper and cut the slits myself but I'm hoping there's just a place where I can order a box of it. It'd be quite time consuming to cut several pages!

I've also given a bit of thought to making a simple device that would do the extra cutting for me using prepunched paper, so I guess it isn't a loss if removable pages aren't available anywhere. Just thought I'd check to see if anyone has seen them, since I can't find any online, before I go to the effort of making the cutter.

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This might help...

I am putting the Planner Pad template into the Dynamic Templates.
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With the templates I could

With the templates I could completely reprint the whole planner but I'm more interested in just adding movable note pages to the existing wire bound Olanner Pad. Cutting existing pages by hand will have to do I guess.

Stick notes

If it were me using the Planner Pad I'd be hunting through the back to school sales for large, cheap, lined sticky notepads.

Then I could stick a notes page in where ever I needed it.