FS - Levenger FPs (bag sold)

Hi guys.

I got hooked on the Levenger bandwagon about a year or so ago, and fell in love with some of their products. Apparetly it was just a crush, because now I have several new/slightly used levenger things I don't need, so I thought I'd offer them to you. (The Circa/Rolla stuff might be next... still wavering.)

Metalist Fountain Pen - slightly used, fine nib, great condition Gunmetal color, has the converter. It's beautiful, but I have hand and wrist issues, and it is to heavy for me to use. :( It will not be boxed. $30.

Classic Fountain Pen - brand new, never even put the converter in the pen. It's sitting in the original box it came in, also a fine nib. Another gorgeous pen, this one in the creamy ivory/white color, that's too heavy for me. $35.

SOLD - THANK YOU!! Majorca bag - slightly used, in great condition. As much as I would like my life to be such that I need a briefcase-type bag, I really do jeans-and-field-bag work. I'm tired of dusting it. $50.

Shipping will be exact amounts only. I prefer US/Canada only, but will consider outside that.

Thanks for looking!

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The Majorca Bag

What color is it? And... what kind of payment do you prefer?


oops - sorry!

The bag is the "saddle" color, a dark beige. I have pictures - I'll out them on Flickr this evening.

As for payment, I prefer Paypal. If that doesn't work for you, please PM me.

photos available

Very nice

I definitely am interested in the bag. I would need to wait a week or two before paying (though paypal works well for me). Alas, I don't know how to send pm's on this site (Is non-inuitive).



Hi Twila,

Please excuse me popping in here.

To send a private/personal message just click on the user name of the poster, when their details appear click on the contact tab


For some reason, I can't log

For some reason, I can't log in. Augh!


Me neither

Yup that's happening to me too.

Seems to be going around....

Seems to be going around....

no longer for me!

I tried Firefox, and found i was no longer locked out... but when I went back to Omniweb after reading you all's posts, I was able to log in there too.... I guess the problem is fixed?

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