Moleskine Folio for US Letter? And organization questions.

Looking for something like this: -- for US Letter paper.

I'm looking for something to collect class handouts & assignments for college classes.

Any ideas?

Also, I want to take all my notes for all in one notebook then at the end of the day separate out my notes into a specific place for each class. However, I don't want to spend tons of money on a Circa system. Any ideas as to a more economical system?

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A3 will work

It's 16 x 20
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Another easy way to separate notes later on is to use ordinary looseleaf paper in a 3-ring binder. There are lots of binders available for all sorts of budgets. Some letter-size day planners are 3-ring, and these would come with pockets for storing loose sheets too.

There are lots of letter sized pockety-things like the folio you link to. Just check out the office supply store, or walmart. They come in different materials and colors so you can get something that suits your dignity. They come in different sizes too.

I am sure you'll find something to serve the purpose if you go to an office supply store and wander the aisles for a while.


Shris has good ideas. This

Shris has good ideas. This is similar to what I did in college. I had a central, thin binder with note paper and a few odds and ends, and an individual folder for each class that I used for the syllabus, notes and all that. I would bring the binder and whatever folders I needed with me, and unless something unusual were going on (like extra resources for a large project), that never took up much space on a daily basis.

Of course if you still want to go a circa route, you could get a desk punch and a lot of disks, then buy clear plastic report covers or something equally cheap to make class notebooks. Sure the punch is an investment, but that's really the only expensive part.


I did looseleaf, too, but I handled it differently. I used manila folders, with one folder per class. When I sat down in class, I had out only the most recent, partially-filled page, with the today's date written in the margin. I also had two other blank sheets. In my bag or brief case (I used both), I had the manilla folders, as well as a stack of blanks. I typically only carried whatever I needed for class that day, or, if I wouldn't have time to get back to my room, whatever I needed to study or work on. I never bound them. Or rather, I learned _not_ to bind them. Since every page was dated and numbered on the top, outer corner, it was easy to keep everything in order, and allowed me to carry just enough notes for whatever purpose I needed (quiz, exam, midterm or final). Also, it was easier to photocopy this way.

the folio idea looks good, but I think I would have found it too bulky. ;-) But I do like the idea.