Hi All,

I just wanted to say Hello now that I've finally joined this fabulous website. I'd love to make my own templates but am abit useless on the computor (I don't know what a widget is! or how to go about making templates using the downloadable programme!) but I hope to get the hang of it, as I know exactly what I would want on my planner template. How easy or difficult is it for a beginner? Easy, moderately difficult or REALLY difficult?

I've read so many time management books but find it hard to get started. I read GTD & it completely made sense to me. Want to make my own templates as I have alot of recurring tasks & would like to repeat them in the design without having to write them in by hand. Have also read FlyLady (found that abit overwhelming)

My problem is finding a large block of time to actually finish the setup stage. Doing this over in small blocks of time over a long period is just impossible for me, but I live in hope I'll get there...I so need to get my mind organised before it goes into meltdown.

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I don't have any advice about setting things up to make templates. I use Power Point because I use it at work, so I already know it. I've often thought doing some hand drawn templates, then scanning them in, would make a nice change. There are some really nice letter size and 4x6 size hand drawn templates on this site, which I use often. So don't limit yourself to computer design.

hand drawn template
hand drawn template
hand drawn template

Time is always an issue, which is why we plan in the first place. Thankfully, it is nearly football season (American football, btw), which always gives me several hours on the weekends to work on my sit-down hobbies.