FP Friendly Notecards?

I am looking for inexpensive notecards that are friendly to fountain pens (no feathering) that are stiff enough to stand upright in my Levenger Panorama.

Walmart sells Oxford notecards, which are FP friendly. And very economical at $1.37 for 300 cards. Unfortunately they are very flimsy.

Mead notecards are nice and stiff, but they feather terribly.

I love Levenger notecards, but the price! Oh, the price!!

I would rather not purchase notecards online. Tough to explain that purchase to my wife when the bill arrives. So, I'm looking for a recommendation on a notecard that I can simply pick up at a local store. I live in a fairly large metropolitan area, so we have all of the usual outlets, i.e. Staples, Office Max & Depot, etc.


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Try bulk card stock

Buy a ream of card stock and get it cut down to card size.
You can get 5 (3x5)'s out of one 8.5x11 sheet - like shown here: http://www.diyplanner.com/node/6335
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Self-Printed Cards

Thanks ygor. I have done this before. It's a good suggestion that I forgot about. What weight of card stock would you recommend? One time I bought some stock so heavy (can't remember what weight) that it actually kept jamming my printer.


Get some samples

You say you have access to Staples, Office Max & Depot, etc.
Most all of them have in-house printing/copying services and you should be able to buy a few sheets of their card stock
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Try different inks

Try different inks (Noodler's black ink works well with my pens on every media I have tried).

Just wanted to comment on the wife part. You should have a part of the family budget dedicated to personal wants (not for needs), one for yourself, one for your wife. This part, however minimal, should be sacred territory, that is, no questions asked. This will give you both a certain amount of self respect, and will help preserve your marriage. I speak from experience.


I've tried Waterman and Special Reserve inks with equal result. Have not tried Noodlers...yet.


Noodler's bulletproof ink is

Noodler's bulletproof ink is the only type I have found which does not bleed at all through cheap paper, seems to handle well with card stock. I believe the inks you mentioned do bleed through cheap paper.

Does "bullet-proof" = Permanent Stains?

I regularly get ink on my fingers from my fountain pens (not sure how), so I'm a little scared of the bullet-proof ink. How hard is it to wash off?

I've also read that it can be hard on the seals inside the pen. But I have also read posts to the contrary.

I am mostly frightened by the permanency of the ink.


It sounds like maybe your

It sounds like maybe your pen is too wet, or your ink does not dry quickly.

I am no expert, but what I found is that, on my fingers at least, the ink washes off easily. The ink is designed for permanence in the presence of cellulose (paper, and apparently clothing too, though supposedly there are ways to remove it from clothing).

By contrast, my Parker Quink ink is hard to completely remove from my fingers, but it is not permanent ink.

Also, the Noodlers black has very dark, bright good looks, but the Parker varies, from looking really good but dull, to looking gray green, depending on the flow of the pen in question. My disposable Pilot varsity writes with similar looking ink, though the performance differs (it bleeds through).

I also have non permanent Noodlers blue, I have not yet tried it though. I have not purchased other inks (but I did try preppy pens, I do not like the ink so much, too light, lack intensity, and they bleed through on cheap paper, in the colors I have, great pens though).

I also heard the contrary about clogging, Noodlers is supposed to be good for lubrication, especially their Eel series, which are designed for piston based pens.

Roaring Spring makes very

Roaring Spring makes very nice index cards. Personally, I think they are higher quality than the ones Levenger sells. They are very smooth and sturdy and they sell for normal price ~ $1.00 per 100. You can usually find them at college bookstores.

if you re-think online

My favorite supplier is American Stationery in Peru Indiana. You can order from their website - great stuff, good prices.

Nice site, but...

I could not find 3x5 index cards on it
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I thought Mead was better than Oxford

In my experience, the Mead cards were smoother and less prone to feathering than the Oxford. I guess YMMV.

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I just bought two kinds of

I just bought two kinds of index cards today, with the same thing in mind -- to find something that will work with my fountain pens but not bleed too much. I also wanted something cheaper than Levenger cards.

I bought Oxford cards and find that they are slightly coarse in feel, and extremely lightweight. I was really surprised at how flimsy they are. They feel cheap. They do take ink pretty well. Some absorption (so a slightly wider line) but no appreciable feathering.

I also bought Tops cards, made in Covington, Tennessee. These have softer colors of the red and blue-green rules, and seem better printed. The weight is more substantial, and the finish is much smoother. These are very friendly for fountain pens. Extremely smooth. Ink may sit just a bit before drying, so watch out for smudging. The line is extremely thin when using extrafine nibs. I would recommend these more.

I bought these at Target. Both are very inexpensive.

By the way, both front and back of these cards seem to take ink in about the same manner. So if you like blank faces, the backs work fine.