Problems on the School Bus (ADHD child)

I have been having problems with the school bus for the last year. Every scence my son got diagnosed with ADHD. He does have some behavior problems. We have gotten most of the problems in the class room and at home fixed but we're still having problms on the school bus. He started school 3 weeks ago and here we go again. Last week he got off the bus crying I hurd the bus driver tellin him something about a little girl so I asked both my kids what happened on the bus if Frankie done something or if it was the other kid and they said the he didn't do anything. So, I called the school bus barn (which I have on speed dial). I asked them if the tape recorders were workin this year and they told me yeah. Well I asked them if they could watch the tape from the bus that my son rides so they could tell me what happened on the bus so I could deal with it approperately at home. They told me that this year the school has switched from Video Cameras to DVR and they are bein tought how to operate them. Well last year the excuse was that the tape wouldn't record if it was under 52 degrees on the school bus. Well, everytime I call the school to find out what happened on the school bus my son gets wrote up and eventually kicked off the school bus. Well scence he has already been wrote up this year, if he gets into anymore trouble on the bus they are gonna kick him off. Well I have been going threw the channels to try to prevent him from getting kicked off the bus and I have been hitting big road blocks in that department. So today I am gonna go meet with the school superentendent, and I will go from there. Is there anyone out there having any of the same problems. Please I need someone to talk to about this is there any hope?

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Do you have an IEP in place ?

If your child is ADHD, you should.
Then problem areas like this can be specifically addressed and handled.
This is a child that needs to be handled just a bit differently than the rest of the crowd and you are entitled to that.
I know 'cause my older son is ADHD and has an IEP in place.

If you do not have an IEP, politely demand one. If you do have one, use it like a crowbar to either bash some administrative heads and/or pry loose the proper treatment for your child.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Juniors getting kicked of the bus...

I am just beside myself on the fact that when my ADHD son (5) was dropped off by the bus driver yesterday she stated that she will be speaking with the bus director and recommend that my son not be allowed to ride the bus anymore, that she was unaware if it would be temporary or permanent... OK, we have had some issues, mostly due to the fact that the second week of school I switched my sons meds and they did not work... He is now back on meds that are working great at school, but obviously the ride home on the bus is still an issue.. He is one of the last picked up in the morning, so the 20 t0 30 min ride to school I dont think they have had a problem with, Its the ride home, which Is over 1 1/2 hours... They already have put him in a harness, which I agreed to, but now she says that he is throwing his backpack and shoes out the door, they have sat him in the front row next to the door, and that he is yelling and kicking the seat, and blocking the aisle with his legs... I dont know what kind of rights I have here, the bus driver is very aware of his ADHD, and has been supportive in the past, allowing me to administer his punishments at home, grounding for bad behavior.. But i fear she is fed-up... We live rural (this is a full bus with grades k-12), and my home is about the furthest area the district busses children... In the event that I have to transport him myself to and from school I will have to request my work to cut my hours both an hour before and after work.. I dont think this will be ok, and will probubly lose my job.. Then where will I be, no money to live let alone for gas to get him there, Im a single mom, with no family support where i live... What are my rights here? What are the reasonable accommodations that I can request? Should he be on a "special needs bus" I dont even know if they have such a thing... What is an IEP? I dont know what that is.. Please help me understand, I dont know where to turn...


from archangel, re ADHD/ ADD

Dear Shellie, from a mother and a grandmother to you: first of all, hang in there: you are NOT being unreasonable. You are being a good mother to watch over your children in the midst of a bureaucratic tanglewood.

Secondly, I will keep you and your children in my strongest prayers for you to remain strong, calm, and to find the way through. There are those in the school system who do as Ygor mentioned, IEP's, either in the school itself or it is farmed out to a professional evaluation group for children who have some special considerations to take into account so they are helped to succeed well.

Be sure to ask if ALL bus drivers have been briefed to know when there are any children with special needs on their buses so they can react in keeping with others who are helping ALL the children to succeed. It often takes as little as making a 10 second speech before getting behind the wheel, saying whatever needs be said to hold reasonable peace on the bus.

I personally am not adverse to asking to ride the bus as an adult to watch for myself what is going on. I dont know if your county allows that. if they do, either go ahead or send a reliable witness in your place.

There is likely a representative for Americans with disabilities in your area. Contact them and ask for help and resources.

As a last resort, if still being put off, unreasonably delayed, stalling, and if still gaining no traction, contact the local radio/ tv stations that have troubleshooters and tell them your story and ask for their help.

I hope the school superintendent, who is responsible not just to taxpayers but to the safety and welfare of ALL children, not just some children, will be warm and responsive and helpful to you.

with kindest regards,
Archangel, who has a sweet grandson who has had IEP's... even though some of his teachers absolutely refused to follow them, others have. Dont give up. Never, never, never give up.

You are not alone

My son is ADHD as well. Thankfully, so far, the school and our medical team is great. We've had many meetings at his school and always come away with the feeling that everyone wants the best for him and is willing to do all they can.

Sigh. I only wish everyone had it so. Here is a few sites that might help

about site

Sadly, you are going to have to fight the system. It is what parents must do. You are in the right and you have plenty of other parents at your back.

Be strong Mom, there is hope


First, you are not an irresponsible, bad, failure of a parent. You are not, as evidenced by your willingness to hold your son accountable, in denial. You are the parent of a child our society no longer recognizes, or sees their need for his type of brilliance. (Thank God Einstein, Da Vinci, Galileo, Michelangelo, Eisenhower, Lincoln and all the others were born in a different social culture.)

Back to you, keep your head up.

As to your concern; I agree with ygor, an IEP is absolutely essential.

I home-schooled my son for three years but then needed to return to work and school myself. When I finally decided to diagnose his ADHD medically I went outside the public school system so I could retain control over how much and what information was provided. I released just enough to get him an IEP which is the the tool I use to structure his classes, accountability, and activities so he can succeed in an environment that is more about compliance than education or life preparation.

After getting his IEP I armed myself with a 'big stick' and talked quietly with the administration in order to not make my son a 'target' of their negative feelings toward me.

My big stick was the school system's source of funding! That's right, money is power!

Do some research on how much the school he attends gets funded for his attendance. With an IEP the school gets an additional dollar amount from the federal government and from the state because his IEP qualifies the school for funding for 'students with disabilities'. This information should be available on your state treasurer's web page. If not, as a tax payer you have the right to request a copy of the school's budget and a detailed breakdown of income and expenses per student in your district and school.

This financial information comes in extremely handy when discussing moving your child to a different school or even district. I mentioned I was thinking of pulling him out of public school completely because the current administration was refusing to cooperate with my efforts to educate and integrate my child into their public schools. :-) I also referenced their campaign to promote a commitment to 'acceptance, and tolerance' for any race, religion, ethnic, or political views. It boasted a 'zero-tolerance' for bullying or prejudicial treatment by teachers or students! OOPS!

Okay, I may not play dirty, but I certainly will play hard ball when it comes to my kids.

I hope that I didn't overwhelm you. I obviously have strong convictions about our societies intolerance of what is not ordinary, socially approved behavior or thinking. I hope you are in no way offended,I shared them here to encourage and strengthen you.

I will keep your family in my heart and prayers.

Post a note on how things turn out if you wouldn't mind sharing it with us.

With my support,


Problems on the School Bus

I too have an ADHD child - she is a teenager and she has an IEP. She has gotten kicked off the bus and I have to provide transportation to and from school until I can have a meeting with the driver and her supervisor. From what I have been told in the past - the school system and the transportation system are two different things and I don't know how to fight anymore. I think part of my problem is - it is a 20 min ride to school if that much. My child should not be getting into trouble talking to other students - however if she is talking too loud or laughing too loud and the bus driver ask her to keep it down - that is where the problem lies. She will talk back to the driver in a disrepectful manner and there lies the write ups on the bus and getting kicked off the bus. I am so frustrated already this school year it isn't even funny.

Use the system to help you

Make sure the bus driver knows about your child's special needs.
Make sure your child gets counseled about self-control and proper respect.
Keep pushing until you get what you want.
The system should be there to help you, not inconvenience you.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

ADHD School bus problems

It's unbelievably frustrating dealing with the school system and even when you know that you're not alone it is often times lonesome. What I would like to share with other parents and caregivers: 1. Never meet with teachers or administrators alone: Find another parent, friend, relative, minister, independent social worker or psychologist to go with you. 2. Do your research: Find out whom and or what resources are available to you and your child through your local school board and use it. 3. Don't give up on yourself or your child. 4. Take a personal mental health break: go for a walk, to the library, movies- nourish your soul and hold on to your identity. 5. Most importantly: Reward your child always with hugs and praise, not things.

I pray Gods' richest blessings on us all!


ADHD childe and bus

Just a quick note:
First make certain, to the extent you can, the problem is ADHD related not personality related (I'm thinking the bus driver).

Secondly get, if you do not have, a complete ADHD diagnosis, in my opinion the MD is not enough. You need a good psych eval, especially the various IQ tests.

(Note: Do not let the school use only the composite score, that is nearly worthless when discussing kids. Example: my son shows 100 on the composite score, but on the verbal he scores 117 and on the processing speed he scores 50. That 50 tells us where the problem is, the 100 composite score is useless.)

Third learn the rules. ADHD falls under the Americans with Disabilities Act which means the school must make reasonable accommodations.

Fourth, get a good local support network.

Let me know how it goes.
An ADD pastor in search of structure....but enjoying a certain level of chaos!

Keep 'em busy

My son had ADHD and big trouble on the bus as well. One solution I have found to keep him out of trouble is to keep him interested in something during the ride. I have given a box of supplies to the driver for my son. The box contained 1-calculator 2-rubric's cube 3-small box of magnets 4-mini clipboard with paper and pen 5-etch-o-sketch 6-magna-doodle 7,8,9,10 - comic books. The deal I made with the driver is that if my son behaves when he first gets on the bus, by sitting quietly in his assigned seat while the bus is loading, then the driver will let him pick something out of the box to play with on the way home.... my son thinks it is a reward, but actually it's just to keep him occupied and quiet on the bus.

My teen daughter has an IEP,

My teen daughter has an IEP, and it has made all the difference in the world!

This is not the best place to get advice on learning differences, even though we are helping as best we can.

My advice -- put all your communication to the school in writing. Formal letters work much better than phone calls or e-mail.