Does anyone own a Five Star Flex Notebinder? What do you think? How 'bout XL?

Hi, I am curious if anyone owns one of the verry popular Five Star flex notebinders? If so, what do you think of them? They look cool but cost quite a bit for a binder/notebook. Does anyone own one of the XL ones? If so how do you like it? Are the rings too big?

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Got it....

It lasted about a week for me, now it's in my daughter's backpack. So far she loves it tho! I LOVE the folders inside and kept those for myself but the overall notebook I didn't like the rings for a couple reasons - 1) in my purse they would work themselves open. Everything tended to stay put even so but it irritated me. 2) rings aren't slick like metal so papers don't "slide" on them very well - another irritant for me.

What I did like: 1) Flexxy so it didn't have a problem being shoved into my purse. 2) rings are flexxy too and then covered with fabric so they do hold A LOT without being rigid and non-yeilding... Hence they're flexxy! LOL! 3) the folders are the BEST IMHO! They hold a lot and for me, I keep projects paperclipped together by customer so I can keep several projects in one folder. A flap at the top corner keeps papers tucked in with no threat of falling out. Smaller pocket on front of folder - for notes, biz cards, 3x5 cards, whatever.... I keep a pad of post-its in mine.

For now, I'm working with the folders in a much larger binder that houses my "office on the go". I may get over the mild irritants and give the overall notebook a try again. For what it is, I think it's a reasonable price - I paid $13 and I think the plain colored ones run a couple dollars less. I got the pink desinged one. At this point, I won't get it away from my daughter so IF I go that route, I'll be buying another.


Thanks : )

Thanks so much for your review. I ended up getting one and I love it. The folders really are the best. I also love the flexiness. I love that you can fold the cover over like a notebook. My only complaint is quality control is way below par. I bought one and then noticed the fabric on the spine didn't catch right when sewn to the cover and was starting to unravel. I went and exchanged it. When looking over the other notebinders at the store I found one that had a run through the fabric, a couple had knots in the sewing and in a couple the sewing wasn't finished. I am surprised that Mead's quality has gone down so much. For $13.99 a notebinder one would think they'd have better standards. I had a $2 off coupon, $4 off CVS coupon and some CVS bucks so only paid about $5.