LIHIT LAB B5 Twist Ring Note

Office Geek is a great source of information and reviews on notebooks and pens.

The LIHIT LAB B5 Twist Ring Note is his latest highlight and I thought people around here might get a kick out of it being a cheaper alternative to the Circa/Rollabind craze that is spreading like wildfire through planner and organizer phreaks.

Take a peak and see what you think :)

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GBC makes a similar product

It used to be called ZipBind, but I guess it is now ProClick.
I played with it briefly before I found Circa/Rollabind.
You can get a GBC-type punch fairly cheap if you shop around.

[EDIT] More Info: ZipBind was made to use the same punch as Comb Binding -- the punch makes 19 rectangular holes on the long side of US Letter paper.
ProClick punces make 32 holes that look almost square on the same 11 inch side.

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