WTB: Circa/Rolla covers, rings, address pages

Hi all,
I have the Junior (A5) size Circa, for reference.

When I got my Circa, I bought the "starter kit." I found that it only comes with two address pages, which I quickly filled. Even if I could find where Levenger sells these, I wouldn't need a whole big pack of them. I probably only need 5-10 sheets at the most. Did anyone buy a big pack of them and found you don't need them all?

Also am looking for a pair of covers and set of 1" or 1.5" discs for same. Just the plain plastic covers--nothing fancy and space-hogging.

I'd just order the covers and discs from Rollabind (I'm not too big on Levenger or their prices for the most part), but I just don't need that stuff in the quantities they're selling--a pack of 25 covers and 50 discs is overkill for me (I only need one cover set and, at most, two notebooks' worth of discs)--and if I just bought another complete notebook from them, I'd probably end up with smaller discs than I want, though I may end up having to go that route.

I can also trade in part-payment a few of the Levenger sheets that came in my starter pack that I have not used and don't anticipate needing--grid pages, lined pages in white and colors (I prefer the Rollabind lined pages), etc.

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or here
or here
or here for covers

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Unfortunately I do think I'm

Unfortunately I do think I'm going to be stuck buying from Levenger or a complete notebook from Rolla (and then buy the rings I want separately and maybe offer up the surplus here) even though I didn't want to. :(

I have some stuff


I probably have enough supplies around to make up what you need as long as you're not too married to black discs. I have a variety of pastel colors plus white and some black.


I have quite a range of

I have quite a range of rollabind disks currently sitting in a bag somewhere ranging from Jumbo size to small - Happy to sort them out and send you some. Mostly black in the larger sizes.


Address pages?

Do you still need the address pages? I have about 30 pages of the junior size pages, four address places, perforated that you are welcome to have. I ended up not liking them and used a different set up for my address book. If you still need them, send me a private message here with your address and I'll mail them to you.

Definitely Rollabind

for things like discs and plain plastic covers. They have some very attractive colored plastic covers, and their discs are far prettier and MUCH cheaper than Levenger.
No connection; just have had the chance to compare.