Giggles at Levenger Outlet on eBay


The Simply Irresistible Sampling Kit, normally selling for $40, but including a $40 gift card, is up on eBay. Current bid is $21 and change at the time of this posting.

Here's the giggle: The picture clearly shows the $40 gift card. The card is not listed in the "what you get", but no explicit mention of the card's exclusion is in the descrition.

So I asked a question. To my surrise/shock/horror I got a rely saying that the gift card was not included.

:( Wahhh !

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I don't find that

I don't find that particularly funny. Why the giggles?

It seemed funny to me

I would have used a graphic without the gift card dominating it.
Made ya look, though, didn't I ?
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Whoever buys it is probably going to be disappointed.

Have you noticed how much higher the prices have been on the outlet recently. A few months ago I could buy Leather foldover covers for $14-20. Now they are going for $24.95-$50 and this is for really scratched up ones. I am disappointed I didn't take the dive when they were cheaper. Oh well. It sure is fun to watch the listings though.