That's it! I'm done!

My PDA has been acting up recently...I was having a hard time syncing it with my computer. I kept trying to sync, only to get error messages.

I kept trying to force a sync, until, finally, the PDA went into a hard reset. This basically wipes any data on the PDA out. After the crash, I was able to sync (go figure...), but still lost some info from my task list.

I sorta think I'm done w/ the electronic PDA...I've lost my trust in it...

I'm now using a "Clipster PDA"-a clipboard w/ various 8 1/2 by 11 pages. It's similar to a hipster PDA, only bigger! On the first page, I write the date, a list of my appointments (I'm forced to keep track of work appointments on my computer), a list of tasks I've got to complete today, and notes concerning the day's work. On the next sheet is a to do list (kept in the AutoFocus manner), then various information and project sheets. The 8 1/2 by 11 size sheets allow me to sketch plans and take notes w/o worrying about running out of room.

It's working for me for now...maybe one day I'll get a nicer clip board to upgrade...

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I Feel Your Pain

I have waffled back and forth with electronic vs paper for over a decade. I like how much information can be stored in a PDA, but it is very disruptive when the sync fails.

I keep track of my projects on my computer at work, but also keep a Circa project notebook close at hand. I use the notebook to formulate next actions while I am riding the bus home, and my mind is clearer.

Technology is great when it works. Paper seems to always work....for me.




I went to a clipboard recently too. I even quit printing lines on the paper. We've got like 15 of the plain chipboard clipboards, so I probably won't have an excuse to trade up anytime soon.

I keep a tiny disc-bound book of contacts and passwords and the like, and an electronic calendar (work email is much more reliable now than it used to be). The clipboard is really just for notes while I work on stuff. I also have a little 3x5 card holder for my back pocket when I'm wearing jeans. That's for grocery lists and stuff I think of while I'm out.

I used to design all sorts of forms in all sorts of sizes, and I've decided to go low-maintenance. I just don't have that much stuff to keep track of these days.

Even my recipes are now in hanging file folders instead of bound up in a book. Bindings begone! :)


Keep it simple

I too got caught up with forms and designs and printing different systems, only to find that I felt I just use plan paper. Works for me...notes can be filed for different projects, handouts from meetings are corralled until they can be filed...It's kinda liberating!

I'll also keep my chipboard clipboard for a while, until it's worn out and I feel like I can afford to get uppity with my replacement...

experience with AutoFocus?

I read the initial instructions on the AutoFocus system and followed it for about a week. Then I remember reading about version 2.0, but never really tried it. How long have you tried AutoFocus? What do you think of it? I end up going back to a plain old normal todo list.


I've been using autofocus

I've been using autofocus for a couple of months now. It's a good way, I feel, to help tap into what needs to be done next.

I gave up on electronic organizers years ago

I do software development for a living and mostly work on government contracts that require a security clearance. You cannot walk into a secure facility with a PDA or a cell phone or a laptop or an iPod !
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i'm in the same boat, mostly

i'm in the same boat, mostly (govt contracts with a clearance). on top of that, i was never much of a time management guru, but i've picked up an hPDA with the middle way as my initial guide. i like the modularity of the index cards, and the lack of attachment if i'm not using one or another template -- it's not like i paid for a preprinted book or binder filler. and i find myself mostly using/adapting the simplest, most open templates -- actions (or to do, still experimenting with these), monthly and weekly calendars, and a few other gems. i only keep one short contacts list for the ones i'll need at any moment. the rest of the hPDA is custom-labeled lists and some reference cards i wrote out (middle way methods, etc.)

i've experimented with electronic tools before (most recently an ipod touch), but like paper solutions i've tried in the past, nothing ever really "stuck". it's only been recently that i've felt much resonance with the methodologies involved (inspired in part by the middle way writings!), and i don't see myself being consistent enough with something bigger than my pocket (at least not yet). i do have all sorts of scratchpad notebooks at my desk, plus an engineering notebook for formal work-related notes, but none of that needs to stay with me or be part of my routine.