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Right now, I have an At-A-Glance cover for my DIY planner and I love it. It has all kinds of pockets and a pen loop and it completely suits my needs...

...except that everything seems a little too tight. My planner keeps getting thicker every year (I get mine spiral bound) and I'm afriad (with the ideas I'm already having for my 2010 planner) the planner is going to outgrow its nest.

I've seen Circa and Rennaisance Arts mentioned time and again here. I'm very curious about the Circa notebooks, and I plan to order a starter kit just to try it on for size as far as my writing is concerned, but I'm still going to use my regular format just for day to day. The Rennaisance Arts things look beautiful, but I really want something less fancy (and less expensive).

Can y'all suggest various sites for planner covers. I've looked at Day-Runner and At-A-Glance, etc., and I'm not seeing what I need.

any links would be greatly appreciated. :^)

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eBay for Franklin Covey covers

The rings are held in with allen bolts and are easily removed
[edit] more details:

Link1 The upper allen bolt is clearly visible in the picture showing the inside

Then there are the ones where the rings can just slide out like this one and this REALLY nice one

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Thanks so much, ygor.

Thanks so much, ygor.