Loose-leaf lined paper in the UK?

Does anybody know where in the UK I can purchase good quality, lined, loose-leaf A4 paper? I don't mind the line width, margins or holes, as long as the paper is good enough quality for my Parker rollerball. I'd love blue lines, or anything rather than grey, but again quality is much more important. Cheers!

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How about ...

http://www.staples.co.uk/ ?

BTW, what do you call loose-leaf paper in the UK ?
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If you are aware of an

If you are aware of an appropriate quality plain paper you could always print your own lines.


oh my goodness i've just

oh my goodness i've just been on the internet for close to an hour now trying to find the same thing.

All the obvious places like staples and rymans don't have any.

the only loose lined paper i have found has been in america.

if you have time to spare try searching for "loose leaf lined paper" in google.

We needed something similar

We needed something similar at work and in the end our staionery supplier found it for us; you may have to try commercial stationers rather than retail - we use Alpha Office Supplies in Birmingham and they are always very helpful.

What we bought cost more than buying it in ready made pad form but the paper was better quality, the only other thing is that you may need someone with a business account to order it.

Having said that it is surprising what turns up on eBay.


I know this is late, but

I know this is late, but have you tried educational suppliers?

There are many that have loose leaf file/exercise paper. For some you may need a business account but I think there are a few that will sell to members of the public.