Greetings and help! I can't figure out how toprint!


Just joined this fabulous site/forum today, and am tearing out my hair. I can't figure out how to print a Classic-size planner from the Dynamic Templates so it is double-sided and sequential, i.e. can be put into a Circa notebook. I don't know about Java programming, and so can't make heads or tails of the instructions. Can anybody help?


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Look for a PDF utility

One that lets you reorder the page sequence.
The "magic Formula is described here as a Java routine.

Do you have any friends that "speak" Java ? All the code you need is right there.

Worst case, PM me and tell me how many printed pages you are trying to arrange.
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Many thanks for your help. I

Many thanks for your help. I have become committed -- others might say obsessed - -with trying to figure out this java thing for myself. I may come crawling back to you in a few days, but for now I want to rough it. Thanks!