A4/A5 Page-A-Day Planner

A4 Page-A-Day planner including Chore List, To Do List, Shopping List, Notes, Whats for Dinner Today, Exercise Plan and Daily Water countdown.

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Created as A4, but using the print settings in Microsoft Word you can print it out as A5 too.

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Microsoft Word
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I'm using it today

Thanks for sharing. This is so cute I'm printing it out right now.

You're welcome!

Thanks for the feedback. This was my first template submission and I'm so glad to get some positive feedback.

Looks like a great template

I'm hoping if I pdf it I can make it work for classic size instead of A4 - looks nice and clean and usable.

Should work, but...

Your side margins will be a bit larger
[edit] Actually, it edits to a Classic/Junior size page with just a bit of tinkering with point sizes and text box size/placement
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Great Template

Thanks for submitting this. Although this is mainly a home based planner with persoanl stuff on it, I feel it could easily be used to keep track of both personal and work things on the one page. Something I'm not great at. So I could have my meetings and to dos as work related but the shopping/prepare dinner/chores bit on it to remind me of things to do or buy on the way home or at lunchtime. I would perhaps move the to do above the chores so that it feels like work and home are a bit more together but as you've kindly given us a word document I can do that. And I will print off a A5.

Great template


Font choice and colours

I love your font choice, it really works with the template. Any thought on colours? I'm currently trying to add colour into my basic planner in a clean way, but as a non gaphic designer, I don't love what I've got.

Font choice and colours

Hi AmyR,

Thanks for the feedback. I wanted a fairly casual look as this is mainly a personal page (not really work related).

I think colour is a rather personal thing, but then I'm not a graphic designer either, so what do I know :-)

You could try having looking up "Color symbolism" on Wikipedia. Find colour symbolisms that you like and then try playing around with those until you find something that suits you.


What font is it? I can see

What font is it? I can see that i don't have it :( so that's why I'm asking.



It's called Bradley Hand ITC. I thought it was a standard font in Office 2003 & 2007.


how do I change this to A5...

I have searched this and other sites and love this template. Very simple and clean. I can print out a month at a time and change it as needed. I am having a problem getting it to work as an A5 though. What's the best way to do this?


Printing as A5


The way that works the best for me is to create a PDF (there are several free PDF creaters available out there). Then open the PDF and click on Print. A dialog box opens. Go to the area headed Page Scaling, select "Booklet Printing". If you have access to a printer that can print on both sides of the page automatically, select "Both sides" under the booklet subet.

If your printer only prints one side, you'll have to choose Booklet subset "front side only", then put the paper back in the machine and choose "back side only". That will take some figuring out which order etc.

Hope that helps.


Thanks I give that a try.

Thanks I give that a try. Hope it work this seems so much easier and less $$$ than buying one every year.


I LOVE this!

If you are interested I created some more templates using this base style (I don't know how to give you credit for the idea?). I'd be glad to share them -- including a menu planner, shopping list, master list of things to do around the house, and notes. I am just a 'redneckblackheart' at gmail dot com if you want to email me.


I love this template!! It's excatly what I was looking for, including a way to keep track of how much water I need to drink!! Thanks!!