For Sale - Circa/Rolla stuff - edited

Everything I have. I'm not using it, I'm getting rid of things I don't use, so off it goes.

The list so far:

- One Rollabind PBS1000 punch, gently used, marked with the locations for Levenger punching.

- A plastic divider box containing 18 holes, containing close to 500 (?) discs in a rainbow of colors and sizes, everything from teeny to huge.
- 100 white itsy bitsy discs (Rolla "small")
- 100 blue big discs (Rolla "extra large")
- 100 black small discs (Rolla "medium")
- 60+ red medium discs (Rolla "large")

- Tan and black Rollabind "classic" hardcover notebook with page finder, 50 sheets of paper, divider, and pocket folder.
- Levenger "saddle" leather "classic" cover and discs, used and in good condition
- One Levenger "classic" 3x5 card holders (for Circa)
- 2 "classic" Levenger notebooks, with a 3x5 card page, 50+ pages of Levenger paper, and some DIY forms

- Rollabind tan and black hardcover "letter" notebook with pocket folder
- Rollabind package of three tabbed dividers, new and unopened
- 3 sets of "letter" Levenger clear plastic covers: 2 new and unused in packages, one set used
- 2 Levenger "letter" zip pockets
- 2 Levenger "letter" page finders, new and unused
- 2 Levenger "letter" divider tabs
- 1 Levenger "letter" pocket divider
- "letter" notebook containing 3x5 card page, divider page, business card page, pocket divider, and 50+ pages of Levenger paper
- 100+ pages of Levenger/Rolla "letter" paper, circa-punched, and a pile of Levenger papers in all different sizes an inch thick
- some extra pieces/parts as listed below in the comments

- 3 Levenger "compact" covers, discs, and notepaper/DIY pages
- One set of Levenger "compact" divider tabs

- Levenger PDA notebook with 5 divider tabs and 50+ cards

edited: I've broken things down into the different sizes, as several people have requested it. I will accept offers on groups of related parts through my Contact Page

Thanks for reading this far!! Please give this stuff a good home!!!!


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Just found another pile of stuff!

200+ sheets of "compact" size Levenger lined paper
and over 500 sheets of high-quality writing paper I had cut into "compact" size (unpunched).

I'm tossing them in the box, too.

For Sale - Circa/Rolla stuff

Hi Erika,

I just started with rollabind and love it. I really would like to purchase the punch and any other paper and dividers that you are selling that will fit my junior size notebook. I have just ordered a leather journal cover from Levenger as well. I may also be interested in the used cover that you have it it will fit.

Would you be willing to break up what you have and allow me to purchase in piece's? I will buy whatever you would require me to purchase in order to get the punch. I cannot use the discs at all though.

Please let me know.


Junior is Classic

There are so many terminologies! Thanks for asking -

I would like to see if anyone wants the whole kit before breaking it up, but if no one wants it, I will keep you first in line for anything and everything junior-sized and the punch, unless there is more interest in parts of the whole...I wouldn't be too upset to break it into batches based on size.

For Sale - Circa/Rolla stuff - Junior is Classic


Thanks for keeping me in mind. I understand that you would want to sell the entire lot rather then breaking it up.

I am needing to purchase a punch very soon to finish putting my planner together. The Rollabind hand punch for Leeds..that I purchased from does not work. It is taking me forever to punch holes in one peice of paper.
Looks like I will have to bite the bullet and purchase the
Rollabind hand punch from If you have a better idea please pass it on.

If you would, Please still keep me in mind though for anything you are unable to sell as part of the kit. I will be glad to consider anything you may have left over.

Thanks Again:)

More stuff

I ran across another brand-new set of "letter" covers, still in plastic.

Tossed them into the box.

Rolla / Circa Stuff

Apologies if this reply is out-of-place, out-of-date, etc. I just stumbled across your post listing circa/rolla goodies for sale.

Are there still items available? If so, how might I go about purchasing them? Do you take PayPal?

Thank you,


You will be unable to contact the seller unless you register with the site.
Then you can contact them directly by clicking on their user name.
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Opinions, please

Lower price or break it up by sizes?

Or eBay?

Break it up by size first

There are a few folks here looking for punches, so I think you can sell it easily.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

If you break it up...

...I'm interested in letter notebooks, extra large discs, and dividers and zip pockets

I would have bought the whole lot if I could have. :^(

I tried to contact you

but you have no contact info :(

I've decided to break it up, since there's a good variety of interest in the different parts. If you're still interested in the letter-size stuff, please let me know.


I am still interested

just quote me a price and I'll see what I can do. I'll add my contact info to my profile right now.


If you decide to break it

If you decide to break it up, I'm interested in all the Compact Stuff.

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discs up for grabs!

I think everything has been claimed except for the discs. If someone is interested in some or all of them, let me know!

Thanks for all the positive responses!

Erika, couldn't contact you...

A contact box didn't come up for you. I'll make you an offer on the letter stuff once I have a way to get in touch with you. Just let me know. :^)


I've been contacted through it before, but it was unchecked when I went into my profile. Didn't know it could de-select itself!

It's better now, and I can be contacted through the tab.

Thanks for letting me know!


Laying Claim

I've already contacted you, but I'm going to lay claim to the binding disks here so no one else bothers you about them (should the deal fall through for any reason I'll reply to this post to acknowledge as much).

I'd also like to pick up the PDA stuff since no one else seems to have claimed it, and if the punch is still available I'd be interested in that as well.

Still selling?

Hey, I just registered in order to contact you =) Are you still selling the puncher? If so, how much? Is it a problem if I live in South America (Chile)?

Is Punch Sold?

Hi, I just joined and I am not sure if you sold the punch yet. If not let me know and I might be interested in other leftover supply too.