Moleskine and erasable ink (fountain pen preferable)

Hi. It is my understanding that some ink such as Noodler's bulletproof works well on Moleskine notebooks (I don't have a Moleskine, but I have verified that bulletproof ink indeed does not bleed through on thin paper).

So for the question: is there any erasable ink that does not bleed through Moleskine paper? I have an application that could use a Moleskine notebook (I like their music staff notebook in particular), but I need the ink to be erasable, since normally musical ideas are written in pencil for easy correction, but my eyes crave the bold visibility of dark ink on paper.

Suggestions appreciated.

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Waterman Florida Blue

Depending on nib size, Waterman Florida Blue would most likely be fine. Just use an "eraser pen" (pirate pen) to erase.

Eraserable Gel

I think it is Pilot who make an eraserable gel pen and hi-liter under the name of "Frixion". As the name implies, the ink is erased via the heat generated by friction when you rub the built in "eraser" over the ink. It erases very easily and doesn't leave a shadow of the original mark nor does it damage the paper. No bleed or feathering that I have noticed but I guess that is also paper dependent.

Eight colours including black and two blues, red, green, orange, violet and a pink. They are not as bright nor clear as a standard gel ink. No idea what would happen if you left the document in your car on a summer's day or left it near some other heat source but I would be careful.

I have put an erased note in the freezer and a faint image reappeared. Yes, I need a life.

Bob H.

Hot = erased

Frixion pens are pretty nice for temporary things, but you definitely need to be careful not to get them too hot by accident (yes, erasing by hot car is possible...). The freezer trick will work, but it'll bring back all of your marks, *including* any that you'd erased and written over.

OTOH, I'm not sure how much erasing I'd want to do with a Frixion pen on Moleskine. The frixion eraser doesn't inherently wear the paper as much as a normal pencil/eraser, but it does cause some wear, especially if you repeatedly erase. OTOH, I've found I can erase text on a page by touching the to-be-erased part to a small full-spectrum desklamp's safety shield.... not very precise, but no wear on the paper at all.