New Product Temptation: Notepods

My friend and forum member, David Solot, just tossed this tasty tidbit over to me: Notepods. Apparently, these notepads feature a design that is "reminiscent of a popular smart phone."

The front of each sheet has a 52mm by 77mm area of blank space that's perfect for doodling. The back has a light 6mm grid rule that seems great for engineering new product designs. A three-pack of these pads costs $17.95 USD; shipping from Australia.

Has anyone purchased a set yet? I'd love to know what everyone thinks.
(Image taken from the Notepod site.)

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Cute idea, but...

A bit pricey, dont'cha think ? For only 300 pages/cards ?

"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

But... but...shiny!

Yeah, it is... but man they *are* shiny. Imagine walking into a meeting or a coffee haus with an "iBrand" looking paper gadget. :-)



"hey look at my sweet shiny cards. I paid a ridiculous price for them!!!!!"

Pretty much our motto

At least, for most of us on this site.

Well, there are many variations. Substitute notebook, pen, binder, paperclips, file folders, (etc and etc and etc), for "cards."

iPnone note pads

OMG - I couldn't rationalize spending that much money on note pads, and why in Heaven's name would I want to import paper from halfway around the world? That is insane!!! (Even if they are really cute.)

But, I totally love grid paper - Great for creating EVERYTHING from layouts of docs, interiors, gardens, schematics of knitting patterns and scrapbooking pages, logos and lettering experiments, and the list goes on and on and on. And doodling and drawing... And I would be in heaven becuse these would fit in my pocket with the matching phone. All the other kids would be so jealous of my matching phone and notebook thing. ;-) (I heart my phone - I can see the numbers!!!)

I'm totally schizophrenic because I love paper and I love technology. It's easier to communicate with the teenagers and DH via texts and emails, and at least one of my kids uses the family Google calendar. But paper is so much more fun. And it's really difficult to draw on my phone or laptop while waiting for an appointment or while sitting on hold with tech support or while trying to stay awake during a meeting.

TNX for the template link!!! I think I know what I'm getting myself for Christmas: printable index cards or a really good paper cutter. Maybe DD will be getting a cute little note pad... The possibilities are endless.

You all have made my day!!!!

DIYplanner Version

I for one look for versatility and customizable. These are really neither. I think there are some better choices for a pocket note pad.

I think they are adorable!

I think they are adorable!

This has been up for about two days...

And there's no member submitted template yet? I'm almost speechless. ;)

Seriously, is anyone even attempting to give this one a go, or are we all too 'frugal' with our black ink cartridges to print that much of a border?

Rollafool beat everyone to it

D*I*Y Planner a couple years ago

Where the templates are

On the above page, you have to go to near the bottom under iPhone wallpapers, then click on see the wall papers. The templates are awesome, btw. But they do take a lot of ink.

I thought this was an old idea

Thanks for the reminder
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)


Thank you! I have to print a set of these, just to have a little bit of fun with an iPhone addict friend of mine.

What about all of these

not sure how to post a link but if you go to templates and go change to 3x5 there ya go

here is the url for the search I did doing just that


[link by ygor -- look for how to do an HTML anchor tag]


This is wonderful for we smart-aleck paper addicts. That would be fun to bust out when all your friends are sitting around texting and app-ing.

Notepods-I'm not impressed

I bought the Notepods more out of curiosity than anything else. It is an Australian company and they are straight up about their product, if only a little hazy on details.
These are essentially notepads that have been bound at the top like a regular notepad. The cover is only on the bottom and is not very heavy. Plan on holding it fully in one hand while you write on it (or use a table). Because of the gummed/cemented top (whatever it is called) the note sheets come off verrrrry easily and often when you don't want to separate them at that moment. The paper is lightweight (probably around 15#)and fountain pens and gel pens leak through. Quite a bit smaller than a 3x5 card but bigger than a business card. They work well if you plan to tape or glue them onto a Moleskine page. The grid is great, as long as what you are drawing is small. I do a lot of stats and charts and I can fit the general idea onto them, but the values are so big you lose a lot of detail. I tried a simple floor plan for remodeling the bathroom and it wouldn't hold a lot of detail. With the bleed-through it was a no-win.
If you like small gummed notepads these are great. But if you need or want more, stick with Moleskine or 3x5 cards. I'll use them until they are gone but they will be used only for idea capture and then into the inbox. I'll go back to Rhodia after that.
If someone with Notepod is reading this, use a better binding system, heavier covers on both front and back, heavier paper stock (24#), and maybe lower the price. (By the way, I liked the flat shipping charge to anywhere in the world.) If Notepod did this I would buy another set!