Student Tablet PC: OneNote Planner Plugin

D*I*Y Planner within OneNoteTracy Hooten over at The Student Tablet PC has created another Microsoft OneNote file for implementing the D*I*Y Planner templates within that environment: OneNote Planner Plug-In, v2.0. Not having MS OneNote handy (or a Windows box, for that matter), I hadn't actually been able to see what she was up to, till now -- Tracy actually provides us with a nice little Flash-based video telling users how to set up the templates within OneNote for use as stationery. It seems to be somewhat similar to the Mobile Computer article from a few months ago, but simpler and with the new DiyP3 designs. If I had a Tablet PC handy (*cough* got one you're not using? *cough*), I could certainly see using something like this. Not that I'm biased, you understand....

Nice job, Tracy!

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Thanks! The templates were

Thanks! The templates were 90% of the battle!

OneNote Planner Plug-In

Hello, how can I get the plug-in. I use One Note a lot, but also TabletPlanner does not work with Vista and I am looking for an alternative. when click on the links of this article it says "not found" Can some one help!!!

You may be out of luck

That info is almost 4 years old
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