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Ok, I dont know if this is the right choice of Forum, but I have an urgent question. I have through use of my hipster pda, and gtd, got a pretty good grasp of the workflow of my life. But I have this one problem. Somehow planning ahead, to do the right preparation seems to slip through my hands. It is causing some problems for me, so I was thinking if anybody else had experienced that problem, and had some solutions to this?

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Do you have an action for that?


When you have something that requires prep to complete, do you have the prep as an action in your plan?

It's kinda like 'drive time' when you need to go to the doc's office. You can't schedule every single minute right up to the time of the appointment. You have to plan for the time it takes to get there. And you have to know how much drive time to schedule in..

So when it comes to prep, you have to think about which items require prep, what kind of prep, how long it will take, whether other people are involved in any way, etc. If it's big enough to think about, then you need an action for that--and it maybe something you want to stick on your schedule rather than your to-do list if there's a specific block of time for it.


You posted twice

I answered the other post here:
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