Can someone actually tell me what Rollabind is? I know that Staples sells it. Can they be used interchangeably with other planners or is it something different?


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This took me a while too...

It's a notebook system that uses discs instead of rings or spiral binding. This means that you can move pages around and stick in pages of different sizes, etc.|level=2-3

here's the link to the levenger site.

Rollabind disc-bound notebooks/planners

Rollabind is the company that makes the Rollabind disc-bound notebooks & planners that Staples sells. They are interchangeable with Levenger's Circa products. Rollabind is less expensive but not as high quality. You could also get Rollabind planners at Franklin Covey stores for a while, but I don't know if that is still the case.

The good thing about the system is it is very flexible. The discs are exactly 1 inch apart, so you can put any smaller sized pages in any bigger sized notebooks.

The downside is it can get expensive. You are either going to have to buy the refills which are pricey or buy a hole punch - and those run $50 - $60 for the desk sized punch. I actually went the desk punch route, which I have found well worth it. But it is only worth it if you stick with the system and use it a lot. And print out your own planning pages from this site ;-)


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The discs are exactly 25 mm apart as oosed to one inch (25.4 mm)
A hair's difference, yes, but it will add up as you go across larger pages.
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Good luck getting your order

My experience with Rollabind has not been a positive one. I have placed three orders with the company and each item I ordered was in a back order status.

When I contacted the company to inquire how long I would have to wait they said between 2-3 months. That is ridiculous!!! When I asked why it would take so long she said they were waiting on an order from China.

Of course they had already charged my credit card and I had to call several times to get a credit. The staff in the office are very discourteous!

If they hope to survive in this market - they had better get their act together.