Circa Folio Zipper Quality?

Hello everyone!

I just found this place and it really is the best thing in printing since Gutenberg.

I'm considering investing in a letter size Circa Folio and while the zip version has the benefit of protection from rain and loose papers falling out, I was wondering if anyone has had any problems with the zippers over time? What are the benefits of the regular un-zippered variety?

I tend to tug at zippers haphazardly and stuff my notebooks beyond their intended capacity so sometimes my poor notebook covers end up with wonky or fraying zippers. I really hope they're as durable as they seem because knowing me, I won't get another one for a long time (I know I should probably keep this to myself but just so you get a better idea, I still have my backpack from middle school and I'm well past undergrad). :D

Also, if anyone recommends a particular cover, I need for it to be able to stand a beating and still maintain its attractive appearance with minimal maintenance? I'm leaning more towards the Bomber or Livingstone since pebbled leather has generally been more sturdy in my experience but feedback would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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I have two zippered folios

and I haven't had any problems with the zippers to date. My complaint is that, at least for the smooth leather, it's so fragile. For example, I had another circa binder in my briefcase next to the folio one day and now I have permanent indentations on the front of my folio. It seems to me that Franklin-Covey leather was better, in that respect, at least.

Does anyone know if the textured leather is a little tougher?

The Bomber Jacket, textured

The Bomber Jacket, textured leather is more durable, from my experience. I too have noticed that their smooth leather is quite fragile.

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Thanks for the tips! I

Thanks for the tips!

I wasn't planning on purchasing a smooth cover exactly for that reason. I have a pair of lambskin Louboutins and they're quite delicate.

How long have you had your Levenger covers for?

One for about six months and

One for about six months and one for a year. Everything else with them is fine, I love the internal configuration, my only problem is the fragile external leather. I guess I need to look in to the textured leathers next time there is a sale on them.

Why don't you try this?

For a bargain price, you can try this out, which is much like the zippered Circa Folio. A translucent Circa notebook is included with it.

3 x 5 Zip Action Folio, Letter
Price: $138 Now $39.95 Save $98.05
A leather folio and 3 x 5 card holder with zip
This leather folio and 3 x 5 card holder makes it easy to organize and prioritize projects with your 3 x 5 cards. More than one card fits in each pocket, and you can arrange and rearrange them as thoughts dictate and priorities demand.
30 pockets
ID window
Pen loop
Double zipper closure keeps everything secure
Includes a Circa Translucent Notebook and a 12-pack of our 3 x 5 cards
Add 96 more card pockets with a Circa Translucent Action Folio (available separately)
Textured, full-grain leather
11W x 1D x 12 3/8H

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Works for me

I use a junior-size Levenger Action Zip folio as my main circa notebook cover. I've had no problems with the zipper or with quality of leather. It's about a year old and has seen some pretty hard use and still looks great. I don't use the 3x5 note card system but I still find all the little pockets useful (I can even slip a sealed packet with a tea bag in one of them). At the current sale price, you couldn't go wrong.

No problems here

I have carried zippered Circa products for years now with NO malfunctions. They are beautifully made. Hope that helps!
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