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This is a template-template I use for creating new forms for my FiloFax Personal.

This file consists of the template-template and of three different pages (a folding page with three pages, a left page and a right page).

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After having sketched a new form - inspired by need, by this site or by what I have seen others use - I start creating the new form in my template-template (TT).

Everything needed is copied to and adjusted on the blue page template. When I am satisfied that setup is grouped and copied to e.g. the left page template.
I make three copies here and adjust the grouped objects to match the measurements given at the top of the page. That way they fit exactly on a standard page.
I ungroup, delete the blue pages and delete the rectangles that show where the holes are to be punched.

I do the same for the right page.

Then it is just a matter of printing on both sides of the paper, cutting and punching.
Please note - these TT's are adjusted to fit A4 and my Canon IP 4200 printer. It should be no problem re-aligning all the pages.

I have used this approach to create all of my templates - and I can create those in a matter of minutes.

Feel free to comment or ask if you are in doubt of anything.

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Microsoft Powerpoint
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