What pages do you use?

I am curious which pages/configurations everyone uses in their planners?


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Hi...Erm... well, let's

Hi...Erm... well, let's see:

- Monthly calendar (blank)
- Weekly 1 page calendar (blank)
- Shopping/Menus
- Exercise and food diary
- Project Details & Project Notes
- Contact log

I originally had a lot more pages in my planner, but these are the ones I actually use. I don't even document all my projects with my planner - just the ones involving multiple people and multiple meetings. I've got several sections (using pages with divider tabs) in my planner, but what's in each section tends to change a bit as time goes on and different projects take control of my life. :)

Here's what I use

  • Two-page monthly calendars, undated.
  • Project outlines
  • Shopping
  • One-page weekly planning, printed on half a letter-size page to fold out
  • Someday/Maybe pages
  • Checklist pages
  • And lots of Notes pages

I may change a few of these when I run out of the old versions I have printed and switch to 3.0.

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