Shopping lists and daily expenses tracker

Can anyone help me to create a shopping list to help me plan for grocery shopping etc. I also need a system whereby at the end of each day, I can keep a track of when, where and why I spent money.
I am quite nerdish when it comes to computers. I don't comprehend computer jargon - but if you can help, I would be very thankful.

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Hi. Have you tried using the


Have you tried using the D*I*Y planner Classic Core kit?
(Available here:, scroll down to the "Core Package"). There's the finances template (for you to write down each purchase) and a checklist (makes a great shopping list).

I'd recommend you create a weekly menu for your meals. The order in which you serve your menu (which meal is associated to which day) is not important; but by making a menu and then shopping from that menu, it should help you spend your grocery money wisely.

As to the system of recording what you spend and when - you could just jot it down every time you spend money. At the end of each day - tally it up.

You could also use the Receipts Envelope (on the same page as linked above) to store the recipts you recieve. Just tuck them into the envelope and itemize them on the outside of the envelope in the area provided.

Hope this helps.