Scan Card Notebook for sale -- SOLD

Housecleaning is necessary, so some things have to go. Here is the first in a series of planner-stuff for which I am trying to find a new home:

I have a 3 ring (holds 8.5 x 11 inch paper, 3/4 inch rings) with 24 scan card slots in the front cover, and a 3-hole punched insert with 20 scan card slots on each side. The light weight scan cards (64 of them) that are in it are 3.5 inches square, so it will hold 3x5 cards in portrait mode. The notebook itself is pleather, has brass corners and a strap and brass lock to close the notebook. It also has the name "Jim Brown" in gold on the front. If you are not Jim Brown, the name will come off with a bit of solvent.

I will throw in another insert (3-hole punched) that has 25 plastic sleeves that all cascades down over each other. I have seen these at a receptionist's desk to keep track of information. Each sleeve is 5 inches wide and 3.5 inches deep.

How about $20 for the bunch, plus shipping?


scan card 1.JPG120.36 KB
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scan card notebook

Peggy - Just fyi, I tossed you a reply by contact form on this one. (Didn't know how you had your account notify set up.)

Cheers, -D.
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The scan Card notebook is sold. Thanks!


I tweaked the title for you

I am surprised it took this long to sell with all the traffic I have seen about ScanCards
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