GRE Practice Questions

Is there some sort of something somewhere that maybe just has a bunch of little short GRE practice questions?

If need be, I'll just get a "for Dummies" book and pick things out, but before I do that, I wonder if there's an online spot that has (FREE) printable flash cards, worksheets, or something similar. I've looked at the GRE site, but it's hard to navigate and they want you to pay for everything (how dare they!).

Really just trying to figure out a good diy way to get a little daily prep in before I take it in (probably) April.

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Probably not

Educational testing is a for-profit business, so you'll never get anything free from the GRE people themselves. And my guess is they have copyright covered for all their materials so no one else can distribute them. When I took my GREs, many years ago, I paid through the nose for practice materials . . . but I was applying to a competitive area and it was worth it.