organisationally challenged

As the profile suggests, i am the world's worst organised person and I've come on here for some kind of inspiration / support / sypathy. I'm toying with the idea of creating a new thread in the general section as a kind of "going public" on my progress as i strive to bring my personal organisation up to scratch. Does anyone think that inappropriate?

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Very appropriate and...

you just started the thread right here.
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Why, thank you ...

So, in a nutshell: I just lost out on a job because, despite being very good at my job (even if I do say so myself ;-) ) and being recognised as such, my boss has lost patience with me being a disorganised so-and-so and so appointed someone else. I am the world's worst procrastinator and really bad at keeping lists, etc. On the rare occasions when I do (or rather, am made by my wife to) make a list, I forget to look at it even. Really, I'm one step away from being a lost cause.

My first step on the road to organisational enlightenment is to dig out my copies of "7 Habits ..." and "First things First" because I just feel that what's in them is right (and, more importantly, right for me). I'm slowly working through them again but properly this time.

Assuming that (i) I get the time (ha, ha) and (ii) I stick at it long enough, I'll post here from time to time to update on how I'm getting on.

Any messages of support / sarcasm would be appreciated.



as an extremely scatterbrained person myself

I can commiserate. In college, I was just dreadful as far as keeping up with things. Yes, I kept track of my notes, but God help us all if I happened to forget that particular class' notebook one day. Everything just went to chaos.

As I've gotten older and (frankly, had more time on my hands), I decided it was time to handle this. I'm a writer, so organization is key if I want my story to make any sense whatsoever. So essentially, I decided to make organizational manuscripts of all my novels so that all my notes and research and maps, pictures, summaries, character sketches, written parts, and unwritten parts (I make myself worksheets asking myself questions about particular sections)were all in one place.

From there I went organization happy, decided at last to make my own planner because I've never been able to find a premade one that suited me. It never occurred to me that I could make one myself until a friend on another message board mentioned something about hers. So I went online and found this marvelous place. I've been making my own planner since.

And the best advice I'd offer would be to FORCE yourself to sit down and think of things that will help YOU get orgainized and write them down. What information do you want to keep track of? Do you need pages for appointments or do you never have appointments? Is there any project planning you have to do or like to do? And so on and so forth.

I have maybe four forms of information I keep track of: Home and self improvement, projects, writing/novels/ideas, and finances. So I chose (or in some cases made) pages that suited my needs.

The jist of this very long essay is that once you know what you need to organize or keep track of, this site (and a perhaps a bit of brainstorming on your part) will provide you with solutions. :^)

Good luck!


So why do you procrastinate?

You don't like your job and want your boss to fire you?
You are afraid of failure?
The thing you have to do is too big and you don't know where to start?

I've been there and I do understand what it's like.

Keeping lists is not necessarily the secret. Lists are a tool to organise what you have to do but they don't work if you haven't gone through the thought process to analyse what you have to do and COMMIT TO DOING IT.

While you think you're good at your job obviously your boss disagrees. You have to start getting yourself sorted out because in the current financial environment if your boss had to make a choice to cut back on staff it would be more likely to be you to go and not the person he just promoted.

You have to make the time to do something or you might find yourself in the unemployment queue. So what could you do....

Sit down. Look at the big picture and decide what the most important things/tasks/projects in your work and personal life are. Get out your diary for the week or a sheet of paper and rule up your life like you're a teacher assigning class times. Then assign times to address those items every day. Allow only a small amount of time for the small stuff at work that gets in the way.

This might sound foolish but timetabling your work life, and sticking to it, can help you get around procrastination.

For homelife there's an easy movtivator. You can make a committments not to buy or do things you like (egluxury, hobby or entertainment item for yourself) until you've done X things. And stick to it.

For example - no watching any sports until you've done X Y and Z.