I just joined today but like many others I lurked for a while first. I have my calendar, to-do list and contact list. That's all I need right now and they work.

I also journal daily. My problem is that I can't find the notebook I use. I'm using the mead fabric covered journal. I found them at a wholesale store but they don't have them anymore and I can't find them on the mead website.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi, welcome!

Hi, welcome!



I think I saw one at Walmart?

It is made by mead. Is there anything else on it to set it apart?

Not really

The one I have is blue, green, black, and white. (kind of a floral pattern) And it has the ribbon bookmark. Which walmart? The ones around here (and I've looked 30 miles in every direction) don't have them.

How old is it?

When my parents recently moved we found a few of these fabric covered mead notebooks my sister used as theme books in high school. They were wonderful oranges and yellows with "hippy-type" flowers all over them. But my sister graduated from high school twenty-eight years ago. I don't recall having seen them anywhere since. I'd be interested to hear if they're still making them.

"orange and yellow"

I just got it back in May so, not all that old. I haven't seen any that are orange and yellow. They did have some that were pink, black and white in a floral pattern. I'll try to post pics of the one I have sometime this week.


Sorry. My camera decided to act up on me. So I can't get pics up right now. Sorry.