A big fat thank you

I have been lurking forever, so I now want to tell all you talented people how very much I enjoy and use this site. It has been gratifying beyond measure to find that others are as anal as I am about their planners. I've been analog for a very long time and have no wish to go digital. My planners have always been loose-leaf and usually the compact or personal size. I always design my own dividers, but until this year I have just purchased readymade pages from Filofax, DayTimer or Franklin Covey. Now this site has shown me the error of my lazy ways. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the DIYPlanner. Dougj, Nay Nay and Innowen, you are so talented!!! I'm really interested in various organizing systems. GTD is fascinatingly complex, but not for me. I'd be very interested in hearing from others about the system they use. Thanks, guys.

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Welcome Susanmac! Glad to have you here and glad that you are enjoying the site. If any specific questions come up, just let us know!

Sending smiles,
nay nay