Report: Expanded Rolla @ Staples

You are going to love this one, folks.

I made several calls to Staples, ending up at Corporate Customer Relations.

On the way, I found out that the expanded line of Rolla products - including the elusive Desktop Punch - are only being test marketed to see how they might sell.

Locations discovered to be included in this test market, other than Citris Park, Tampa, Florida, include

  • Raynham, Massachusetts
  • Spokane, Washington (only the northern location)
  • Cerittos, California
  • Bellflower, California
  • Long Beach, California

I am trying to contact someone who is connected with this test. If I can, I will plug them into this community and hope that something sparks from there.

Stay tuned, folks
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Wow I feel special!

Based on what I saw at Citrus Park the product is doing good while I was looking someone came up and asked me about it. I also talked to some clerks who asked if they could help about the product.



At a Staples yesterday in Lynchburg, VA and found Rolla on the shelves. Nabbed a Junior sized notebook, tan faux leather (Item # 643219) for $5.99. Can't find that number on Staples site, however. They also had various sized refill pages, full letter-sized notebooks as well. I've checked in Charlottesville, VA as well and hadn't seen them. So, I'm wondering if they're in Lynchburg, maybe they're rolling out nationally. Lynchburg isn't that big.

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Did you see... ?

punches and discs and such or just notebooks and some refill paper ?
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I looked for punches and discs, but found none. Not sure where they would have been. Decent selection of refills and the two notebooks was all.

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paper and notebooks only

paper and notebooks in the Staples I have checked - Williamsburg (VA), Richmond (VA), Greensboro (NC), Winston-Salem (NC). Nothing more than the limited line they have been offering for well over a year now. No sign of punches or disks.

Long Beach store

I went into the Long Beach store tonight. This is not really my neighborhood, I was in that area visiting a friend and decided to hit this specific store on the way home since they had the expanded Rollabind section. I took two photos of the shelf display and I will upload them tomorrow when I am not so brain dead (Ygor, can you make my profile 'link approved' please).

By the way, those 3 California stores are all within a 10 mile or so triangle of each other. Not sure why they decided to do a test market in such a concentrated area. If they put the products in one of the Los Angeles stores, they might have more interest in them.

2 Rollabind display photos

Photo #1 shows the left side of the display. There is a display hole punch and some paper that customers can punch themselves as a hands on demonstration. There are some letter size covers on the top shelf and some letter size notebooks on the lower shelves both top bound and side bound. There are 3 packets of rings hanging from a bar - black, clear, silver, all 1". Task list, flag holder insert, index card, address book (odd size, smaller than Classic), and two other items I can' exactly remember in that section. Sorry the photo is blurry, but I didn't want any of their employees to see me and bother me about it.

Photo #2 shows the right side of the display. Top shelf holds the classic size covers, leather-like jackets and covers in an assortment of colors and the poly covers. The second row holds the address book refill pages, and the juniopr size refills including note pages (50 for $3.99 I think), to do pages, a calendar refill, poly 3 tab divider, 2 sided pockets, and a paper combo pack that had the calendar refill and some other stuff in it. Alas, no sheet protectors, business card holders, or zip pockets for this size. 3rd shelf holds the letter size refills - grid paper, to do pages, empty space for calendar refill (I think), lined paper, poly tabs, 2 sided pockets and the 'paper combo pack'. The bottom shelf below that which is not pictured had the junior size notebooks that came preassembled with paper, one pocket, one tab, and a page marker. I think those were $4.99 to $6.99 depending on the cover. There were preassembled notebooks in both letter and junior size that had pastel blue or pink discs and I was tempted, but I behaved.

I purchased 1 junior sized 2 sided slash pockets (2 in the packet) for $2.99; 1 letter sized notebook cover set with 3 covers which I think is odd, but it was only 3.99; and one packet of 2 sided letter sized pockets for 3.99 (packet of 2). I have a Staples card and am on their email list, so I also had a 15% off coupon to use that day. I've ended up with a lot of extra Levenger discs somehow so I decided to make a letter size notebook to try out.

That's my report. :)

Wonderful !

Excellent reporting.

Now if we can just get this stuff in ALL the Staples...
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)


Yes, those of us who are hundreds of miles from civilization would like access, too! Let us know if someone sees these products online!

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Some disappointment

So, I actually took the time to open the packets I purchased after I posted the photos. I am returning the pockets because once they are attached to the discs they are not wide enough to hold more than one or two letter size sheets of paper (so what's the point?). I'll keep the junior size pockets even though they are also not wide enough to hold junior size paper (I can use them for coupons, receipts, etc).

The letter size covers are two colored covers and one clear cover. Still not sure why they do this, but I like the covers. If I decide to buy another packet in a different color, I know I'll get a second clear cover and be able to make 3 notebooks out of two packets. Not too bad.

I still want a letter size notebook with pockets, so I will probably break down and get the pockets from Levenger (or the outlet on Ebay) since I have the covers and rings I need already.

or you could always make

or you could always make your own DIY pockets ^^

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More about the covers?

What were the covers made of? How would they compare to the Levenger covers?

Ygor, If you do get a hold

Ygor, If you do get a hold of them and they want testers/reviewers - i am ready and willing to fall on that grenade ;)

I bought some staples bagasse paper and i think im ready to make new circa/rolla notebooks again ^^

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Me too Ygor

Especially since we don't get the Rolla stuff up here.

your answer may be here...

Member johndec says:

I had to sign up for an account here simply to thank lauriebelle and everyone else who got this ball rolling. I have been searching for a Rolla/Circa punch in the Seattle area for WEEKS, fruitlessly... but when I saw Laurie's post I decided to try calling the Spokane, WA Staples and they said they had the punches and that they could ship-to-store to any other Staples location.

All the reported locations are at the top of this thread, so ........

"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Thanks...went to the

Thanks...went to the Cerritos store and picked up a desktop punch and some discs... now to figure out what to make.

Re: Denver now has limited stock

I went to our newest Staples store since they are finally expanding in the North Denver marketplace. At first, the help there said they didn't carry the books and couldn't find them on the web site for order.

I decided to look down the aisle and found one shelf of Rolla product (it was at the bottom of the shelf) and hidden a bit. I alerted the staffer that had helped me and he called his manager. I wound up giving them a tutorial on how the system worked because neither of them knew about it. The manager promised me that she would look into getting rings and the punches in stock since she thought the setup was cool too!

For now, all they had were junior and letter sized notebooks fake leather), refill sheets for both, and packs of three tabbed dividers for both. No punches, discs, or custom covers yet like what I saw in the pics taken earlier in this thread.

If you look for them, the manager told me she scanned them as a "Staples" brand product under the name "Rolla" not Rollabind or anything like that.

i love that you showed the

i love that you showed the manager how the system works. i bet if more managers knew, theyd fight to get stock :)

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Re: Rolla

I was in Boulder, Colorado earlier this month as well and noted that the Staples there had the same stock as my earlier post. Apparently, Colorado isn't getting the full display yet. I'm kinda surprised since the Boulder store is in a very affluent area of town where a lot of high end businesses are.

Again, the stock was a bottom shelf barely visible but since I knew where to look this time I found it quickly, and yes, management needed a primer on how it worked! :)

Rolla stiock in raynham

I'm just letting everyone know that the expanded Rolla stock IS available in Raynham, MA. I saw it several weeks ago and thought it had interesting possibilities but $50.00 fo a punch?
However, that didn't stop me from thinking about it. When I received the 15% email coupon...well the rest is history!

Just thought I'd share that the setup and selection is the same, Except I was able to get a faux leather red junior notebook - my favorite color!
I didn't realize how lucky I was, until I came across this site and saw that only a handful of stores were in the test market. The Staples in Raynham is NOT in a high traffic shopping center, and 45 minutes from Boston.

My demo is gone

I missed a few weeks of visiting Staples, and when I popped in to check out their clearance, I noticed that the Rollabind display was gone. We had the full 8ft planogram and it's all just gone.

I was seriously bummed that I'd missed a major clearance but the office supplies manager said they had to pack it up and send it back.

They only had the letter and junior faux leather binders now with the 50ct refill packs.

I called the 800# at Staples

I called the 800# at Staples and was told that this was discontinued. Does the rollabind refills work? If so, its ONLY $40 for 300 sheets!