New Chick on zee DIY block

Greetings all! Just wanted to post a little blurb to introduce myself and do the customary finger-wagging at my writer friend, Innowen, for having assimilated me into the DIY Collective. ;-)

As far back as I can recall, I've been an organizer freak extraordinaire. Back-to-School shopping was a bouncy thrill for me. Even today, long out of school, I still hit Staples around August to stock up on pens, index cards, the lastest folders/binders/what-have-yous.

Since my self-reflective 20's I've kept journals. Tomes actually. Tomes which have slowly morphed from "OMIgawd, what WAS I thinking???" to "Writer and Creative Muse in the Making". The only other possession that outranks my number of tomes are my number of different personal planners.

Over the years there have been love affairs with legal sized planners; itty-bitty mon-petite planners; book-sized planners; leather, cloth, vinyl planners; bought as is or create your own planners. Though I also consider myself quite the gadget gal (iBook, iPod, iShuffle, Xbox and a DVD collection that would make any geek gal proud), I NEVER succumbed to the Blackberries or Palm Pilots of the world. It just seemed wrong. One must have pen touch paper for it to connect in the brain when it comes to ideas, phone numbers, and the occasional appointment. At least for me. And now thanks to my before mentioned friend, Innowen, I am a Small Moleskine Accordian File Hipster PDA carrier.

**soft squee**

How humorously simple the Hipster concept was when she gave me my first one comprised of index cards and a binder clip. I got the joke, but I also relished in the opportunity to create a system that could fit incospicously in my bag while still reflecting my creative geek within.

Thus, my inquisitive perusing of D*I*Y Planner commenced.

Okay, maybe not so much a "blurb" as a novel. LOL! I'm happy to be here and look forward to swapping ideas.


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I Knew I Wasn't Alone

I JUST set up a user account at DIY, but have not yet gone down the road of setting up a DIY Planner. The thought of starting up yet another "system" scares the bejeezus outta me. Just yesterday I received my Daytimer Pocket refill in the mail. I like the portability of it, but don't like the limited note-taking space. Having read Getting Things Done about a year ago, I've tinkered with that system, but could never commit to it. I use files religiously now, though. Also using a labeller to make them look more professional.

A pen and a calendar should never meet.

The Hipsters Are Multiplying

First of all, WELCOME!!!

I now officially have 4: Calendar Hipster (which usually rides around in my backpack); Plain hipster (Stack of 3x5 quad ruled cards that I carry in my shirt pocket with lists of stuff); Gym Hipster (Stack of DIY Matrix cards with my workout stats); Doug's Creative Pack (slightly modified)