One month until 2010, I'd better get busy

Hi all! I've been lurking for a couple weeks as I develop a plan for creating my own perfect planner. I prefer paper for several reasons, but it seems I can't find anything that has exactly what I want. 2009 was a bit of a disorganized mess because I couldn't find a planner system that worked for me. So I'm going to make my own! It was with this mission in mind that I turned to the internet and discovered DIYP. I'm so excited to find this resource! I decided to go with the Rollabind/Circa style. Now I need to start experimenting with printing my 2010 calendar. At some point I will probably want to create my own templates based on specific professional needs, but for now the ones on the site look great for what I need.

I do have one question for now... how do I create pages where the ink won't run if it gets wet? Is there any way to do this? When I print documents now, I've noticed that the ink runs if the document gets wet. This doesn't seem to happen with commercially produced pages. Does anyone know how to achieve the same effect at home? I'll post this question in the appropriate area of the forums when I figure out which area that is.


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Welcome! Unfortunately, I


Unfortunately, I think you're out of luck if you're using an inkjet printer. Those inks simply are water soluble.

Output from a laser printer is waterproof, but of course you don't get color. Well, unless you have the kind of money that color lasers go for....

It's a dilemma.

Color Lasers aren't as

Color Lasers aren't as expensive anymore. I've seen HP's on sale for as low as $199.00 and regular prices starting at $250.00. I haven't confirmed this, but I expect the price per page is much lower than color injet, certainly paper is much cheaper.

Hopefully I can save up enough to get a color laserjet in the next few months.

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