Landscape Letter designs and new page idea

I am going to be creating a letter size landscaped calendar and other set. I am going to implement these into a porfolio with binder clips, so I know the margins I need and have gone through a lot of design steps on paper. I'll need about .25 margins on the traditional left and right of the page, and I'll need .25 on one end, .75 on the other so there's room for the binder clips.

I'm curious if anyone...

A) would like access to these files once they are done

B) wants to design some of their own and share them with me or knows of any currently online (I looked, didn't see any)

C) wants to share ideas of pages to create

So far, here are my ideas:

A cover page, to hide things from prying eyes and have a cool design thing
A weekly planner, with areas for the current month, next month, action area, and this week area. Each day will have time and "all day" event areas
A monthly planner, with areas for important dates and all month events
Academic schedules for the US (at least Penn State, where I go) having the last 20 and first 20 weeks of the year for fall and spring semesters respectively
A full Jan-Dec calendar, mainly for reference
List pages with separate columns for to do lists, checklists, etc.
Note pages with only one column of lines (notebook paper, but sideways...)
Grid paper for planning, plotting, drawing, etc.
A bible reading schedule
An information/contact page
Important dates page including holidays, birthdays, etc.
Use page

My Use page idea has an English and metric ruler, common conversions for measurements and weights, a list of commonly misspelled words...

I'm also looking to see if anyone has a webpage or other resource for finding important dates, like all of them for 2006.

Finally, I'm looking for more things to add to my Use page.

Any questions, comments, ideas, and criticisms are welcome.


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I'm also looking to see if anyone has a webpage or other resource for finding important dates, like all of them for 2006.

If you are looking for a list of holidays, you might check time and


Thanks for the link. I'm going to use this site a lot.

Landscape portfolio - oh boy!

This sounds great! I would definitely be interested in seeing what you put together. I'm a high school teacher (chemistry and astronomy) and I am starting back to school this month to get my masters. Landscape is the orientation I prefer in everything I write and nowhere to be found in pre-made; I've always had to DIY and not been really happy with the results. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do!

I have completed the montly

I have completed the montly calendars tonight, and I need to get the weekly ones done. That'll probably happen tomorrow or the next day.

Anything you think I need to put into the weekly schedule? I need something else to put in it?

Landscape Letter

I was thrilled to stumble on to DIY planner. My palm died and I am reverting back to paper. I would definitely be interested in anything landscaped. And, a landscaped calendar sounds great. I am not portrait prudish. Bring it on!

My ideas

I submitted my first pages of three separate ideas to the site, they simply have to be reviewed at this point.