Weekly planning to daily activity

One feature of many systems out there (7 Habits, Now Habit, GTD, etc.) is the weekly review, wherein you basically decide what you want to accomplish in the upcoming week. I've been using this method with fair success. I usually end up with a one page list of 'todos' and a one page weekly calendar showing all my appointments and free time so I can fit in my 'Big Rocks'.

The trouble I find is in the thick and thin of daily activities. A one-page weekly calendar is nice because you can see the whole week at a glance and get a sense of the week and where you can fit different actions in. The down-side is that it doesn't leave much room for daily planning; one page per week is too small to write any detailed daily notes or daily todo lists.

So the answer may be simply using weekly and daily pages in combination, although this may get a little clunky. I'd like to hear any ideas the good folks at DIY planner may have. Am I missing anything here?


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Cut and paste


Here are a couple.

Use a weekly page and daily pages. When you are done looking at your weekly view, cut it up and tape the pieces of 'schedule' to the daily pages so you don't have to rewrite.

Use only daily pages, but make sure the 'schedule' portion is always on the same side of a piece of paper--for example the extreme left or right of the page--so you can remove them from your planner and fan them out to see the whole week.

Use a weekly page layout that provides the schedule in the top half of the page, then cut a series of half-pages to fit in the lower half of the page to cover your to do lists and notes one or two-per-day.

Use a weekly foldout--that is, print out special pages for your weekly calendar that will fold out above, below, or to the side of the rest of your planner so you can see the whole week and the whole day at the same time. Foldouts, if you're not familiar, do something like this: linkety


Very nice ideas. I think

Very nice ideas. I think I'll give the multiple daily pages with calendar on one side a try. I suppose the downside to that idea is that you can only print on one side in order to see all days at once, which wastes some paper.

The duplex layout looks a little over the top for my needs, but very interesting.

Thank you again.

Waste Not


If you use a 2 page per day spread rather than a 1 page per day, then the flip side of the pages are for notes, a la Covey/Daytimer, etc. Perhaps that's more note area than you actually require--if it is, you can consider going down one page size--like going from letter to classic/junior. Then you're using the same amount of paper in total, it's just arranged differently.

I used to use a quarter-letter notebook (in the flickr pool that's the one with the foldouts). I kept my scratch notes elsewhere, so the quarter letter book was enough for to-dos and schedule. I actually *didn't* print on the reverse of the calendar pages.

Now I just use the electronic calendar work provides and I don't print it. My to-do list ranges from a sheet of paper in front of me to a spreadsheet stored on the portal server where the whole team can update it. So I don't print much in booklet form anymore. I must say I spend less time on my time management now. :) But I don't have to take my calendar or lists anywhere anymore either.


A foldout alternative - Duplex

This was an idea that was kicked around a while back




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