Levenger big hole, little hole debate...

I am curious as to how many people actually find the "big hole", "little hole" debate something that actually makes a difference! So, please voice your opinion, yea or nay. Is it a big problem, little problem or no problem? Thanks.

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I don't have a punch yet, but

I have noticed that the Rollabind discs seem to be a little narrower, so I'm going to solve this problem by using Rollabind discs and a Levenger punch.

Rollabind punch

Ah! I didn't know there was a difference. I thought the Rolla and the Circa discs were exactly the same.
Does the Rollabind punch create smaller holes to match their discs, or is it equivalent to the Levinger/Circa punch?

I find the Rollabind are thicker then Levenger

I just held a pastel Rollabind disc up to a black Levenger disk and they were almost identical, I actually think the Rollabind is a tad thicker. But the biggest difference I find is the lip of the Rollabind disc hangs a little further over into the center. The inner edge is thicker, so I find my smurfs get bent more when I use Rollabind discs which is a shame because I prefer Rollabind colors.

Two circumstances


There are two circumstances in which you will really be annoyed by the hole size thing.

1) Lots of paper in one notebook
2) Frosted silver discs

In both those cases, the friction of the paper on the disc will really annoy you.



thanks, good to know...

I guess I will order one now and one when the new ones come out. Perhaps they are waiting until they sell the old ones before putting the new ones out? Perhaps it is out of Levenger's control?

The Levenger outlet has some listed for $39

I thought you might be interested in the punches Levenger just listed on ebay for $39. I sold my punch a couple months back when I read about the new punches coming out but just bought another from the outlet. I'm starting to wonder if the new punch with bigger holes will ever surface?

After many months of experience...

...I don't think it's a difference that makes a difference.

I did notice that the paper I punch is "tighter" in my Circa planner than the pre-punched stuff that comes from Levenger, but it does not bother me at all.

Do you procrastinate?

It doesn't

Make a difference to me, I have not had a problem with the smurfs as punched by the desk punch.

Pages rip out too easily with desktop punched smurfs.

I can tell the difference. Using paper of equal weights, the self smurfed pages rip out too easily when turning the pages as opposed to the ones from Levenger.