Spiral notebooks of a politician

I saw this interesting post and thought the people here would also find it interesting.



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Cool thanks for sharing

Cool thanks for sharing that! He has quite the system!

Above board


It strikes me that a fellow who logs his time on paper in 5 minute increments AND archives the stuff at a university library is not a guy who is afraid of scrutiny of his own actions.

That has to be positive, considering dorks like Sanford in SC and Duvall in CA and any number of other boneheads who break their promises publicly.

Props to Bob.


Any suggestions for sturdy memo notebook?

After reading Bob Graham's post, I've been thinking off and on about his memo (3x5) notebooks. These memo notebooks have certain advantages, like being small, laying flat (important if stuffing in pants pocket), being self-contained, and you can essentially hold one in one of your hands with relative ease.

At various times I've tried carrying one in my pocket to jot notes, ideas, etc., but they always seem to fall apart after a while. Typically at the spiral edge. These are the cheapo notebooks that probably run less than 50 cents at walmart. Bob probably doesn't have this problem because it looks like he goes through a notebook in a few days.

Any suggestions on improving the life of one of these notebooks? Or suggestions on a more sturdy notebook that will last longer? I've also tried at various times to make a hipster PDA, but they always seem a little clunky to use compared to a notebook. Maybe I need to give one another try.


Sturdy memo


I'm guessing the sturdiness problem is more a function of the paper than the spiral wire, yes? The paper comes out?

If that's the problem, then you need to go with higher quality paper, or use the book for a shorter time as Bob does.

Or you could enclose the notebook in a case of some sort so it doesn't get as much abuse.

Any kind of binding, when worn in the back pocket, will probably give way over time. You might look into notebooks that aren't bound with wire (teeny tiny journals with sewn bindings, for example). You may find those to be more durable given 1) the thicker, stiffer cover and 2) the lack of stress points between page and binding.

I have used a disc-bound hipster in my back pocket for a while. I used 3x5 cards with mine. After the task was done, I removed and got rid of the cards, so I'm not really a test of longevity. But the covers certainly got beat up, and if there weren't a lot of cards in the deck then the discs wanted to pop out from time to time.


After reading Bob Graham's

After reading Bob Graham's post, I've been thinking off and on about his memo (3x5) notebooks.

I read Bob Graham's post and the size of his notebooks is given as "about half the vertical size of a pack of cigarettes". That doesn't sound like 3x5 to me, but smaller.

You could be right.

But the picture on his website sure looks like a 3x5 notebook to me. Do they even make spiral notebooks smaller than 3x5?

Half of vertical size

seemed to mean half as "thick" as a pack of cigarettes. I never saw a spiral notebook sized at half the longest dimension of a pack of cigarettes


He said "about half the

He said "about half the vertical size of a pack of cigarettes", not half as thick as a pack of cigarettes.

I've seen small notebooks but don't think they're easy to find.