Komtrak's Inspiral binding

I've finally decided on a notebook system (again)

After careful consideration, I finally decided on Komtrak's Inspiral notebook system for taking notes, found at www.komtrak.com. It is compatible with standard GBC comb-punching but allows you to remove the spine, add/remove/change pages, and then re-insert the spine and fasten it back.

here were my initial hesitations (and if/how I overcame them):
- didn't want any hole-punching system that was proprietary (the Presentation Dept. at work let me use their machine for 5 minutes, the time it took to pre-punch a whole batch of paper that will last me a very long time + I bought a desktop punch for $40 from amazon.com in case I want to punch other inserts)
- I didn't want to buy something from a small company that might go out of business and leave me stranded with no note-taking system (buying my own hole punch allows me to use the same parts over and over again just like a true diy-er)
- the paper wasn't so cheap (again, diy to the rescue)
- it's not nearly as easy to add & remove pages as the Levenger/Circa, Rollabind or 3-ring binder (there is a pocket in the back where I put loose pages; at the end of the day when I prepare for the next morning, I just take out the spine and add pages if I need to)

here are the reasons it works for me:
- I only use 5½ x 8 ½ paper for my classes, so the notebook fits in my purse and I can study on the go
- very attractive & sturdy poly covers
- the back pocket that holds loose papers
- different size spines, including a jumbo size that allow me to hold a semester worth of notetaking in communication disorders
- good customer service
- I like buying from a small company where the person who answers the phone and takes orders is also knowledgeable about the products and I think he is the designer as well
- the whole system is very sturdy - I took the spine out at least a few times a week for over 3 months and the notebook is still in great condition
- it looks good & professional
- this system is available in letter size, 5½ x 8 ½, and 3x5 plus the spines can always be cut
- I have some extra plastic combs that I've saved up from old presentations at work that I can use to bind a notebook I am no longer using, allowing me to re-use the editable spine for something else (in my case, a new semester)
- the 3x5 notebooks can be tossed in my purse and I have different colors for different areas of my life

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This is a neat product

I experimented with it a while back, then got hooked on disc binding.
This system has a lot goint for it. They make coils for 11 and 8.5 inch binding and in sizes from 3/8 up to 1-1/2 inches.

You still need access to a specialized punch, but these are pretty easy to find in any big office or organization. I found one on eBay fairly cheap. My kids love it for their school papers.

Another similar product is GBC ProClick. They are possibly a bit easier to use, but only come in 3 sizes: 5/16, 1/2 and 5/8. I played with this product too. I tried cutting it to shorter lengths with decent success -- think Hipster !
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thanks, Ygor

I tried the proclick and like it very much. In fact, I use it for my notebook at work, since the supplies are available in our office supply catalog. Lucky me, right? The binding is certainly easier to open and close. But, like you said, the largest size is just a little over half an inch. Perfect for work but not big enough for my graduate studies.

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