So, long time Levenger/Rollabind desktop punch users, I have a question . . .

So there seems to be a debate on whether the smaller holes that the desktop punch makes versus the deeper holes that Levengers paper has makes a difference. So I thought I would see what you all think. For those of you who have owned a desktop punch from Levenger or Rollabind for sometime do you find your paper tears out easily? Do you find there is a huge difference between self punched paper and paper bought at Levenger or Rollabind then the paper that you punch yourself. Thanks for letting me pick your mind.

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The difference doesn't

The difference doesn't bother me, but I don't use Levenger paper. All of my notebooks are filled with blank 28 or 32 lb paper. If I had a mix of Levenger and self-punched paper, things might be different.

I've never had a problem with pages tearing out, but I don't move them much once they are in place. If you are going to do a lot of rearranging, heavier paper holds up better. I'd say 24lb bond (~60lb text, which is what Levenger sells) is the minimum weight I'd use.

I can send you some paper that I have punched, if you would like to compare for yourself.

No problems here

I have been punching my own paper with the Levenger Desk Punch for a couple of years now and I have never had a problem with the paper catching on the disks or tearing out. Mostly, I use 28 Lb. color copy paper but I also have used cheap, thin copy paper and it all fits and functions the same as the pre-punched stuff from Levenger, IMO.

I would definitely recommend a good quality paper (28 Lb.) for lasting results as the cheap, thin stuff doesn't hold up as well with repeated turning. In my junior sized planner/notebook I have a section with Levenger annotated note pages and the rest are DIY forms from here printed and punched on my own paper (28 Lb.) and I cannot tell a difference in how the pages turn, and they never tear out when they aren't supposed to, yet they come out easily when I want them to.

Just my 2 cents....hope it helps in your decision!