Covey compact....... anyone?

I must be the only relic that uses the page size 4.25 x 6.75; but I love it!

If someone who is more efficient with Open office draw could design a 2 pg/mo I am capable of fitting it to the page size that I like. I am just not proficient enough to do the formatting with all the widgets etc.

If I designed it there wouldn't be a notes area, or a lot of boxes or lines. Just a straight forward calendar with lots of 'white' space to write all my reminders in.

If holidays and full moon schedule were incorporated I would think I was in heaven. But right now a calendar is the priority.

Thanks guys!

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I also love FC compact...

I will try to use open office to make what you request. I have some I made for myself, but they may not be up to standards. You can also go to the template page and find the original templates for classic and reduce it when printing to fit the compact, but it has a note section, etc. I will see what I can do this weekend.

Template ready

I have completed a template for open office document. It can be edited, (once you save it to your machine).

It is the maximum white space that can be done for a month on two pages.

It is simple, but you might want to take a look at it.

When printing make sure ONLY page one is selected for printing on each template, do 12 of each. (First print 12 of MTW and then place it back in the printer and print THFSS on the other side, so it only takes 12 sheets for one year).

When cutting out, use the border line around the templates it is exactly 4.25 x 6.75.

Hopefully you have a compact punch from F.C.

Just try it and see. It may not be what you want at all. I am not sure they want it here, so I will email it to you.


Hello, I too am a fan of the franklin covey compact, and I was wondering if you have a link to the template, I am very interested in seeing it...thank you :)

No, I don't have a link...

But, I can send you the open office file which you can edit.


I am sure a lot of people here would love to see and use your templates, if you are willing to share them... please post them in the template section.

Thanks for all your work on this!
nay nay

OK, I will..

But they are the bare minimum of a design. Please don't expect something like Ygor's.
The idea was to have as much white space as possible on the small compact size. At least in the open office format whoever wants to can make it better. I have submitted the template on this date.

template ready

I tried to submit the template twice, but do not see it. I sent it to the person who wanted it as she supplied her email address. I have worked on it since and the second submission is the best. But, I do not see it at all.

appoval process

Templates go through an approval process before they show up. Can't wait to see it. I loved the Covey compact size and used it for years.