A Spreadsheet Month

Here is a quick and dirty Open Office Calc document with two sheets (one for First Day of the Week is Monday, one for Sunday)

I tinkered this up while playing with the two Chaos spreadsheets and though it worth sharing.

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Multiple Sizes
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Just change the month and/or year at the top of the sheet and it will show the month you want. Leave the day in that cell at "1" or it will mess up the dates.

Print it out on whatever size paper you desire.

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Should match your machine's language
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Open Office
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Someone else please try this

When I download it, the "days" do not contain a formula, just a value.
That's not how it should be.
I will fix this to what I originally intended.
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My download, in LibreOffice, contains a raw date in A1, and the next row contains the formula =DATE(YEAR(A1);MONTH(A1);A3), and the next rows contain different formulas, depending on the row.

That said, as a drop in for the day-per-page, the formatting won't work. The whole day names are too long, and look tiny! Maybe better to just have the person fill in their own shortcuts than to make it language-independent. (I like what you're thinking there, but is it practical?) Alternately, are there abbreviated forms of the names you can use in the formula?