Print, Cut, Smurf

It's been a while. I've been lurking off and on, rarely saying much. It's been a very busy year: family, work, critters. But the kit is printed and cut, smurfing to go tonight. Wanted to redesign the template, but never had the time, so I'm sticking with the last two-year's design.

How's everyone's 2010 planners coming? Mine is a final combination of my own Harvard-esque weekly pages with Dynamic Templates creating a 2010 and 2011 year overview and 2010 month/2pg views. A few other pages hither and thither, and it's almost done.


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Ready to Go!

Mine's ready to go complete with a larger cover. I've got several templates from this site and my own one-week calendar pages. Also added a lot of new things like a new budget form and grocery list form. A LOT of new writing/creativity forms for my novels and new ones yet to come. Also added forms for looking up words I don't know and often come across and things I'd like to know more about. Lots of new forms this year. I'm looking forward to the week after Christmas when I can start using it and say goodbye to 2009. I'm very happy with it. :^)

Egad - I need to gert moving

I need to update/rebuild my static Qt libraries.
I have some serious goodies added.
SVG output and several new templates.
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Sounds Good!

Sounds like goodies are coming our way. Time? I know many folks are very busy this time of year, but they'd be cool to peruse and possibly add. That, of course, is the great thing about the circa: customize on the fly!

-- Coffee and Books, the pleasures of life


Done, with two weeks to spare. Printed, cut, smurfed and disced. All in with the last weeks of this year in front. 2010, here we come!

-- Coffee and Books, the pleasures of life

I wasn't going to..


I wasn't going to make a planner this year until I saw that Weekdate posting. I might have to try my hand making one of those with some circa discs and plastic I have laying around... That's a really cool idea, and very adaptable to other situations as well.


Photos please

I'd love to see how it works out. Please post a picture when you're done.

I played a bit


Last night I messed around a little to see what would happen.

I grabbed some cardstock and cut two pieces--5.5x8.5 and one 3/8" shorter in both directions. Punched the larger piece on three sides, and the smaller piece on one long edge, off center (actually I made it the same length, punched it the same as the other piece, then trimmed off 3/8" from one edge for disc clearance). Ideally one would cut a second of the smaller piece as well.

I put some disks in all the holes and marked out where the columns would be.

This is where the experiment stopped. I came to the conclusion that three sets of discs is too many, too intrusive to writing. So the 'monthlies' and 'weeklies' flaps would be better made as foldouts than disc-bound, IMHO.

However, the experiment proved a couple of things for me.

1) You'd end up with a classic-sized planner, roughly.
2) Your columns for the days would be an inch wide, and the column for the left-hand headings would be 3/4" wide, making things nice and round.
3) The 'monthlies' rows could be 3/4" high with a 1/4" header row across the top, being nice and round.
4) Two foldouts of a planner that size would make the whole thing slightly longer than a legal piece of paper when open.

I am still sort of on the fence about the make vs buy decision. Now that I've fiddled a bit, I believe I could physically make it without much difficulty, without the vinyl pockets used in the original. Messing around with color coding and dating the weeks would take longer, as would putting in the little monthly calendars you see on each week's upper left corner. Also, the one you buy has perfed pages to tear off when the week is over for easy page-marking. Those things are value-add that in my mind justify the $35 price tag of the original. And I'm not entirely sure that my own edits and tweaks would result in a product that was noticeably superior in some way to the original. The vinyl pocket doesn't strike me as a high-end solution, just one that fits the function very well.

I might buy the original and if it's a good fit for my life, make my own refills later. I dunno. Still debating internally.



Buy or make

I know what you mean.

I've been fighting the buy or make war ever since I switched to a paper planner.

Buying locally has been a disappointment every time, and the planners I've seen on-line that might work for me are too expensive to ship. I just can't bring myself to pay almost the cost of the planner to have it shipped.

I'm usually a bare minimum person, but there's something about stationery and planners that makes me crazy.

fiddling some more


I have been fiddling some more. I am making an Ooo calc file to contain the templates. It's trivially easy with OOO's usage of inches instead of points to measure column widths and row heights. Formulas handle the date numbering for the most part. Conditional formatting takes care of some of the color coding, and styles does the rest. It takes around 1500 lines to do a year, using borders on all the rows because I like guidance.

The weekly and monthly pages are on a separate tab with the same measurements.

Borders at .38" all around ensure disc clearance and trim room.

I'll have to cut a front and back cover out of something durable, and probably make tape flaps for the weekly and monthly pages attached to the rear cover. That will let me add extra room to fold around the other pages once I see how large the stack is. A self-adhesive tab will be the gripper for my pencil's clip.

Feh, I am spending too much time on this, but it's amusing.


Just finished

Just last night I finished writing in all the dates on my new Chronotebook-style (non-linear), classic sized planner, so I am all set.

I have two days per page and it's double sided, so I can see four days at once. I usually like to see the whole week, but I've had to compromise to accommodate my fat writing.

I have decided to prepare one month for 2011 at the end of each month so I will always be one year ahead.

That's it for me.


Well, I'm frantically wrestling with Inkscape & Numbers to create my 2010 templates. I've been a Franklin Planner guy since the early '90s, but this year I'm switching to Circa & DIY'ing the pages. While waiting for my Levenger Bomber Jacket Junior Zip Folio to arrive (2 more days!), I've been punching paper & sweeping up smurfs like crazy :-) Sooner or later I'm gonna have to find some time to do Christmas shopping. Maybe after I tweak one or two more templates... :-)


Must Plan First

It is absolutely vital that you plan the shopping before you do it. You cannot go out of your house until you have all the forms, tweaked to perfection, in that Levenger Bomber Jacket Junior Zip Folio (I'm jealous, BTW).

At least, that is how I approach every thing I do. Which may be why I don't get much done. Except building planners, of course.

Early Christmas

HeHe... Lisa, you are a girl after my own heart! :-)

The Zip Folio came today, a day earlier than FedEx promised. Wow, is it beautiful! I was concerned about being able to load it with 1" discs (thought I might be stuck with max of 3/4"), but they fit perfectly! It is much lighter and half the thickness of my old Franklin - I think my shoulder will be pleased :-)