A Review of the Pomodoro Technique

My friend, Colin, started using the Pomodoro Technique a month ago. Today he wrote about his experiences (so far) with this timed productivity method.

It has been one month as of today that I started using the Pomodoro Technique at work in an attempt to increase my productivity. I think that after a month of use I can provide an evaluation of the technique; what I find good about it along with some of the negative sides. While I think that using pomodoros has increased my productivity overall, there are still some gaps that I have yet to discover ways of filling.

Go visit his blog to read his lengthy review of how the Pomodoro Technique fits into his life. Perhaps it might inspire you to give it a whirl and boost your productivity?

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We need a Pomodoro Spreadsheet

Does anyone have a good pomodoro spreadsheet to use with the program?