New Years Plans

Greetings All: I am wondering if you are planning any changes for 2010? Not necessarily resolutions but do you have any regarding how you will use your planner or your general organization techniques (i.e. GTD)? I always feel that the coming of the New Year marks a new slate. I look forward to your comments.

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I'll be using my planner for

I'll be using my planner for all manner of things. One will be my new budget system (thanks to my extraordinarliy financial savvy boyfriend) which will get me out of debt in a few months. another will be for my writing. I have several pages for notes on existing novels, new ideas, new characters, writing exercises, etc. On top of that, I'm going to put together several little booklets with short stories and poems and also more writing exercises, etc. I like having plenty of options while I'm away from home as I get bored pretty easily. :^)

Notecards + Moleskine = 2010

In 2010 I will be using some of my favorite tools again. I have recently purchased a ream of card stock and am now happily printing my own notecards using DIY Hipster PDA templates. The cards will be carried in my Levenger pocket briefcase. For archiving, I picked up a plastic box to store my used cards chronologically by month.

After finally filling a Moleskine cover to cover (it took over two years of sporadic usage), I decided to incorporate a new one into my daily work life. Last week I purchased a new pocket-sized lined Moleskine to be used for daily capture. If the pages turn out to be too thin for my fine-nibbed Waterman Hemisphere fountain pen, I will gladly use a Unibal Signo micro instead.

This morning at Wal-Mart I eyed up a hard-sided medicine case that would make a perfect "mini briefcase" for notecards, Molekine, and pens. I didn't buy it, though, because I couldn't picture myself walking the halls at work carrying it.


>Last week I purchased a new

>Last week I purchased a new pocket-sized lined Moleskine to be used for daily capture.
i found that the Moleskine Pocket weekly notebook calendar nicely combines a calendar and a notepad. now i don't need a separate notepad since i have lined pages in this calendar. It is the 3x5 moleskine week at a glance with the days on the left page and a lined page on the right. there is a pocket in the back for index cards if you must have them.
i stick a paperclip on the front cover and tuck any to-do lists or notes under it. the whole thing fits nicely in a shirt pocket.

less wasted paper in my planner

I'm actually playing around with using less paper in my planner, for the calendar pages anyway. In a normal week, I'll have one or two appointments. Which is a huge waste of space since I'm using two pages per week style. I just printed out January and February calendar pages using 1 page per week - so the first week of Jan is on the front, second week is on the back. So I've only got two pages of paper in there for 1 page per week for all of January. Same for Feb.

I'm still using my Circa notebook as a planner and have a Notes section and Todo section in the back for stuff that won't fit in the calendar pages, not to mention a Pocket Dock-It in the middle for index cards for little things I need to check on.

I want to get a little more organized. Right now I have three big "Archive" notebooks everything I'm done with goes into and I'm never sure which one has what. I am planning on buying some extra Circa Deluxe shells while they are on sale for $5 each and have one notebook per subject - Health, Finances, Ideas, notes on books I read, favorite quotes, computer users groups I attend, and one extra one because I'm sure I'll think of something else.

I'm also trying to decide if I should enter in anything I need to access on a recurring basis into my computer. I'm planning on buying an iPod Touch within the next month or two and would like to have access to some of the more important info (address book especially!) while away from my computer when I don't have my planner with me.

That reminds me, I need to post to ask what is a good notetaking app for the Mac that syncs with the iPod Touch. It must be usable without an internet connection.


Mac/touch note app

I, too, would like to know if anyone finds a good app for notetaking that will sync between Mac and touch. I use SplashNotes as a make-do project organizer/task list that works OK, not great. You sync between the touch and the Mac by setting up a temp network between the two devices and do it wirelessly by turning both on and going to sync. You purchase two products to do this - the iphone/touch app and the Mac app. You can't sync by plugging in the touch and just having the two devices sync; a common issue with most apps and a pain.

Changes for 2010

I'm switching from my trusty old Franklin planner to Circa for 2010. Just now putting the finishing touches on my newly made planner pages. I'm also going to try implementing GTD after reading Allen's book for the second time. I've been using a system that is very similar to GTD for years, but not quite as structured. Will be interesting to see how the changes affect things. Oh, and I'm also starting to use a Hipster PDA, which is a very nice & useful addition to my setup (far more useful than I first anticipated). I've got Levenger's Saddle leather covers for the PDA - just wish they made them in Bomber Jacket leather to match my planner ;-p

Merry Christmas to all and Blessings for the New Year!


I'll still be making my own

I'll still be making my own home-made planner, but with a difference - will be using a large Quo Vadis Habana that Karen Doherty, Vice President, Marketing, Exaclair, Inc, sent me to use and review. I've already written my first review (more like preview), which will be followed by other reviews and thoughts through the year.

The layout will be slightly different, too.