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This is done in Excel. It has a daily column for appointments and then right below the appointment column for a particular day is the Daily Actions. It starts with Monday. The Thumbnail is of the first part of the week. On the right hand (facing) page after the Sunday column is a To Be Done column for weekly projects.

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I need primarily to see a week at a time, and my appointments, meetings, etc., plus stuff I need to get done that day. In the To Be Done column to the right of Sunday, I list what I need to get done for that week. Most of the time, that means significant steps towards completing a project. But I put personal things there also. The small boxes in the Daily Action lines are for me to check off each task I completed. I don't have any place for notes, because I have other places in my DIYPlanner for things like that. I use a 24 hour clock for appointments. The lines above the days are where I put the date, and next to the "Weekly Organizer" at the top I write in the week, like 20 - 27 December 2009. Feel free to change it to suit you.

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MicroSoft Excel
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