Very Excited

Got a Circa desk punch for Christmas. Ready to start smurfing my little heart out on some various fun geeky projects.

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Yay congrats : )

Have fun!! I sold my almost new punch after I heard the elusive new bigger hole punch was coming out. Well when that didn't surface I rebought a punch from ebay, I don't think I'll be punchless again. I spent more money when I didn't have one. It is so nice to be able to use your own paper. Merry Christmas!

New Desk Punch

Wow, I got the desk punch for Christmas too! (Well, my wife doesn't know she "bought" it for me yet :-)

No more expensive, pre-printed forms for me. It's very empowering to know that you can make any kind of printed form you want, in any format, on any kind of paper. Love it!

Merry Christmas,