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I have a page-a-day journal calendar I use to keep track of what I'm doing, but I find I don't plan effectively because I can't see the whole week at a time. When I read Maker's Schedule, Manager's Schedule I suddenly understood why I have so much trouble with most weekly planners: they all have hourly time slots, and I don't work like that. (Also, I'd need 6am to midnight for an hourly planner.)

I loved LynnR's whimsical style in her Page-A-Day Planner, so I created a time block weekly planner in the same style.

Paper size: 
Letter and A4
Usage advice: 

Sized 8.3" by 11", so if you center it'll print well on both Letter and A4. I sliced up the lines in the notes section so it works equally well for paragraphs and to-do lists. :)

7-day columns, Monday and Sunday starts both included. Rows give slots for Early Morning, Morning, Noon, Afternoon, Evening, Dinner, & Late Evening. Rearrange as you like in MS Word, or print straight from PDF.

I've also thrown in my modded version of LynnR's daily planner, in case anyone else likes it. ^^ (I replaced chores with downtime, added an extra hour (11pm-midnight), and sized it down so it fits on Letter paper.)

Creative Commons
Applications required: 
Microsoft Word OR Adobe Acrobat / PDF reader
weekly-planner-monday.pdf38.51 KB
weekly-planner-sunday.pdf38.44 KB
weekly-planner-monday.doc39.5 KB
weekly-planner-sunday.doc40 KB
cute-daily-planner.pdf53.55 KB
cute-daily-planner.doc66.5 KB
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I hear ya


I am sooooo a maker. Reading that article you linked to makes me wish I could make other people understand that meetings destroy the utility of a morning or afternoon. I wish I could cluster all my meetings on just one or two days a week.