My newest planner photos


I fiddled with making my own planner a la Weekdate. I don't use vinyl pockets for mine, and I dropped some features I don't need or that are difficult to produce. I used Open Office Calc for the templates, and some plastic and other materials I had laying around.

Note that it is not my intent to infringe upon Weekdate's pending patent. I made this for my own use and I will not share my templates since I haven't read the patent and I'm not sure exactly what's covered by it. I really like their concept, but I'm not keen on the vinyl pocket, frankly.

So anyway, some folks wanted to see pictures when it was done. Here it is.


I haven't fancied it up at all, it's pretty basic right now. But I'm liking it so far.


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Thanks for keeping me from

Thanks for keeping me from trying this myself. :-P

I had entertained the idea that Weekdate could be done DIY if one uses rings on top, bottom and one side, but I notice you only used rings on one side, so I don't quite understand what you are leaving out from the original. It kind of looks like you inserted pages underneath the middle ones.
Perhaps a closeup of the joints or a brief explanation of how you joined it together would help me understand what I am seeing.

The Weekdate template is not too difficult to imitate in Excel, the way the parts fit together is what I find confusing in case I decide to attempt it.

Thanks for sharing.



I tried very briefly using three sets of rings and decided that was too much lumpiness for daily use. So the monthly and weekly foldouts are printed on letter paper and punched over just a portion of the long end. The remainder of the long end is trimmed so it can be folded over without smashing into the rings.

There is a photo of both the foldout pages showing how they're double the size of the daily pages. They are inserted into the back of the book and folded over the top of the stack. One has tape down the punched edge because I mispunched it and needed to repair.


Hi. When you tried with

Hi. When you tried with three sets of rings, did you use the smallest disk size? I did figure it would be too lumpy, but wondered how the smallest disks would work.

I also was thinking that rings from a different binding system would be even smaller and more effective for this, but I only have the Rolla system.
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Yes, they were the smallest Rolla discs. I just wasn't enamored of resting my wrists on the discs while writing every single day. YMMV.

I suppose if you had a wire binding system you might be able to use a smaller set, but I still think it would be annoying as well as adding to the bulk/catch-yness of the book. Folded paper should work fine. Reprinting the one or two sheets later in the year if the paper degrades at the fold is not that big a deal. Or I could reinforce the joint with a strip of packing tape, that works fine too.



You did that really quickly. It turned out beautifully! Thanks for sharing.

I'd be interested to hear sometime later in the year how it's working out for you (pros and cons, tweaks, etc.), if you don't mind.

All the best.

So sad


Yah, it was quick. I didn't even have to go out to tthe garage, I had all the parts on hand already. :) And the spreadshet is simplicity itself.

I'm kind of interested to see if this works out too. :) But I really made it just because I wanted to see if I could. :)


oh cool!

I've been working on a wall version for my personal use. Unfortunately, the UAE firewall doesn't allow me to view flickr sites, so I can't see your version. I've been using ygor's dynamic templates to create mine. Will share pics when I'm done.

I also share your admiration for the concept and dislike for vinyl. :)

An update


Just a little update. After using it for a month, I decided to change the foldouts. Instead of having two, I'm going with just one. This is for two reasons. 1) Size, the thing ends up to be a legal piece of paper in front of me, and I just don't have the desk real estate for that much clearance. 2) I don't have that much stuff to book monthly/weekly, so there's no point really having it all empty looking at me.

So what I decided to do was combine the weekly and monthly foldouts onto a single flap that folds out above the daily pages. The Monthly area is squeezed to approx 1/3 of the flap, and the weekly area takes up about 2/3. Kept the color coding.

I also changed the boxes on the weekly area to provide double-height rows, because it seems with the size of my writing I only fit one or two words per column before I have to go to the next line. This way I feel less annoyed and constrained by the tiny boxes. :)

I might change things up again later, but so far so good. I actually have more stuff on the foldout than any given 'daily' page. My days are devoted to cranking widgets, but the list of widgets is kept online and so are most of my meetings. So the stuff that gets written on the daily pages is 'better not forget' stuff.


Great system and even greater pictures

It really gives any D.I.Y fan, lots of ideas. Mind if we borrow some? :)

The best part is your feedback and the change you made after a month of use. It is very valuable!

My ideas


I do not mind if you borrow *my* ideas. Of course I can't grant permission to borrow weekdate's ideas. That's their turf. :)

A further change--I decided to scrap the little pictures of stuff. I am a word-oriented person, it took too much mental processing time to translate from pictures to concept. Other folks may prefer pictograms depending on how their brains work. :)